sleepy bye bye

you’ll notice a few things: new layout and new design. found some older writings that i had written some time ago on various subjects. you can check them out on the archive page, under “misc.”

ooka thought it would be cute if i was a coderbuff chick. tomorrow (or is it today?) i will be the featured coderbuff girl. check “Open Knightly” for the series.

i’ve also started a mailing list where the topic of discussion will be, me! of course, what else did you think we would talk about? sign up at egroups, sign up on the mailing list and email the list talking about: ME.

i’m fucking tired.
damn paxil.


ranting: or why i’m getting annoyed with the whole “generation x” feel good books, websites, cutesy domain names and anything else i can think of

rynsey came over tonight to keep me busy while the boys were watching rasslin’. She and I walked around Safeway and two bookstores gossiping about people magazine (where are they now? issue), thanking god that we weren’t watching the PPV and various other topics. The topic at one point came up to web logging, journals, curtsey domains, and the like:


Ryns and i were sitting here looking for bras online when i piped up about the curtsey domain names: “Do they just pick out random names from the dictionary, hop over to internic and get a .org after it?” rynsey just shook her head and laughed. she had an explanation for most of the websites i was naming (on why they were named for such), but it seems to me that the trend recently isn’t just getting a cool domain, but getting a domain with any old word or a word you are fond of (however it seems that some of the words i would be interested in using for a domain are taken already by the same said group i am talking about here).

i spend hours upon hours checking these damn websites out. it’s almost an obsession with me. going through blog’s list of “who just blogged freshly” i check to see who has a “cool” domain and who doesn’t. if the blog is on a “free” site (like GeoCities or tripods or crosswinds), i will not check out the site. i am, an internet elitist. (i also do the same thing for as well as other websites for zines/journals/diaries — i check to see the domain name first before i go to see the site).

this goes without saying, that i’m bored with the current trend of things on the web.
i’m bored with going to websites and finding projects started and never finished or never explained why they were abandoned (like for instance). i’m finding it harder and harder to find good information or sites worth reading without finding something similar to someone else’s site. i came across this one only to have Paul and a few people who were standing behind me ask me wasn’t that a site i had already done. when it wasn’t but carried some of i’m also scared about a new idea i came up with as i had found a zine that had the idea, ran with it and has even down to the marketing idea we were thinking for verbosity already in place.

now, you have to understand my thinking: if i see something, i don’t think to make it better or think to make it different — i just wonder why people want the choice — because we have so much available to me. why have three different restaurants offering hamburgers (mickey d’s, burger king and wendys) when one is enough? i’ve thought this way for years. and it’s hard for me to make the distinction — and even more so (however, i’m the connoisseur of pens. pentel rsvps in fine point blue please) now as i get older — i keep thinking: who am i, what do i like, and what do i want.

home by ikea

we love ikea.

almost every room in our apartment has *something* by ikea in it. our living room has two futons, three tables, bookcase, floor rug. bedroom has dresser (new from today’s outing), two end tables. kitchen has assorted things as well as the bathrooms. i heart ikea. the only ONLY fucking problem is that it’s out in Potomac Mills, which on a good day I can do the drive in 25 minutes (and that is getting on four different highways to get to). But the good driving days here are few and far between. I also heart Potomac Mills as its one huge shopping mall that carries nothing but outlet stores. When Jeff saw the Nautica store, he cried. Now i have a dresser (that i put together, thank you very much. all paul did was screw in the knobs — but he is very good with screwing) with two drawers that are empty as i don’t know what to fill them with. figures. i bitch about not having enough space for months and now i have boatloads of it and nothing to put into it.

the funny thing was, that i was willing to pay the 69 bucks for delivery of the dresser when the guy looked at me like i was crazy as this was my only item. if you are not acquainted with ikea, the premise is that the reason why the furniture and crap is so cheap is due to YOU putting the damn thing together as well as taking it home. Generally this is a good idea, but i was already lugging around two huge frames for art work we had bought plus a heavy bag. carting out two heavy boxes for the damn dresser didn’t make sense to me. when i explained to the clerk that we were lazy (we do have to add in that i live on the third floor AND paul is the king of lazies), he just started laughing. the clerk promised to watch my stuff while i trot out to hell (er the parking lot) to grab my car and pull up. right when i had pulled into the parking spot to load my stuff, it started trickling rain. when i threw the frames into the back seat and had gone to get the dresser boxes, it was down pouring. by the time i had gotten the boxes into my trunk, i was soaked and had to remove my shoes and flip the air on as the steam from the heat of my body being wet was fogging up the windows. The clerk helping me load my boxes gave me a thumbs up seeing my “FSCK ME” plates and the “I brake for pornstars” bumper sticker.

i drove home at a leisurely pace (while talking to paul on my cell about buying a doggy — the verdict is still out) and pulling out ont 495 it was clear — no rain, no storm, no nothing. my windshield wipers were making the “squeak squeak” noise of rubber against dry glass. when paul, derrick and i had left an hour later to go to dinner, i got caught in the same storm — and this time i was wearing a white t-shirt.

some days you just can’t win.