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I have figured it’s high time i sent out an update. Besides, my updates are more important than answering the phone or doing actual work!
As many of you have probably noticed, has been removed including archives and what not. i am NOT going on hiatus and i am NOT removing perm. I got my grubby little hands on some really great web design software that allows me to be a bit more dynamic, and I gave myself two weeks to get everything under control. However, within those last two weeks, I’ve also had to work late and had lots of over time (which I’m not paid for, i was just doing it to get brownie points) plus we’ve had friends visiting and it would have been Huber rude if i said “hey, my website is more important than you”. So, I’ve neglected it by quite a bit.
I’m giving myself another one week extension to get the work finished. I’m implementing a lot of nifty things such as a search feature and a bit more interactivity. The new website should be unveiled by June 10th. Two days before my 29th birthday.
As I hold desperately to my twenties, I’ve been reexamining my self with Dr. B., the shrink. I saw her yesterday and made my everlasting comment of “I don’t know who I am” and did my song and dance about what roles I’m supposed to be playing in society and where I fit in. She asked me if i had any goals, and other than college, I have none really. She suggested that I read “7 effective habits of highly successful people” or some crap. Plus with all the other books she’s been giving me to read, not only is and love me, but my reading stack has grown considerably. I’m looking at getting some goal and direction in my life. Considering i just plunked down 2500 for two classes including books, i do not want to be having another midlife crisis soon.
So yep, I’ve been accepted to — which is pretty cool in and of itself since they have a complete program for online distance education and my two classes are completely online. If I do well at UMUC, I may not have to step into a classroom until I start work on my graduate courses. I am, of course, all excited about this. I even ran out and got my library card at the county library system and that gave me more joy than i have known in some time.
i know, a library card — i haven’t had one since I lived in GR back in the early 90s. I love having a library card — cos then books are free! 🙂 There are several public libraries within a few miles of our apartment in NoVa, and I can’t wait when I have to go do a paper and need to pack up my books and papers and study for a few hours. Paul will, of course, be calling the cellphone every two minutes, but that is what the power button is for. 😉
I usually do a big toodoo about my birthday — which is coming up in 13 days, about a month before hand. Lisa-Mas this year will probably be celebrated quietly (or not), but hey, if you feel generous, you can always get me a gift! 😉 wishlist:
Several have said with the amount of items added and the dates, it’s not up to date, but I can assure you, it is 🙂
more later 😀

pauly is 21

today, 5/9/2001, my little luv muffin finally turned 21 🙂
and we are taking him out tonight to get hammered 😀
more details forthcoming —
ps: go check out — i just redesigned it — and am thinking about adding a message board to modgirl as well.


Tonight marked my fifth meeting of going to weight watchers.
it began when S. suggested we get our bodies moving (primarily since she found herself wearing size 20 jeans on her small frame) and I was personally disgusted with learning i was carrying 283 pounds on my 6′ tall frame.
The picture to your left was taken approximately four days before we started.
A month later, I’ve dropped 10 of the 100 pounds i want to lose and am feeling much better about myself.
What cracks me up about being on WW is that I don’t see it as a diet — I really do see it as a “life changing way of eating” (snort) — and for me this is not about wanting to be a size 6 — it has never been about me wanting to be a size 6 — it’s always been about feeling good and looking good for the rest of my life. I know from my personal experience growing up that being ‘overweight’ (or chubby as we call it in the rabey-sullivan household) has always been a disadvantage for many reasons but one of the things that stand out in my mind as a child is the torment I received being the biggest (and tallest) kid in my class as well as the pain my brother went through when he was younger and fatter (he’s a lean 250lbs on his 7′ frame). My brother passed along his then anxiety to my mother by badgering her about being overweight. The cycle would start over and over and over
Plus I’m hell bent on wearing a red thong bikini before my tata’s head far too south.
The WW plan is simple: each food is given x number of points. You are allowed to eat x number of points per day. You go to meetings once a week and get weighed in, pay your 14 bucks, listen to the “team lead” to motivate you and you start again. I like this “life changing” way of eating. It’s easy to keep track of and i can eat anything ANYTHING i want to. My third week (second week on the diet), I lost four pounds but I had eaten taco bell, pizza and cake as well as other food that week. I am not deprived of anything — which is a good thing. Other diets I’ve been on sucked major ass as I had to remove carbs, remove fat, count this and weigh that. This diet is literally fool proof. Hell i lost 10 pounds, that has got to say something,
But I’m excited. This feels right to me and I’m faithfully chronicling
my food journal everyday (wish i could say
the same about TLC sometimes 😉 if you know what i mean winkwinkwink).
What I’m tired of is the naysayers who say shit like:
“Oh 10 pounds? That’s mostly water weight.” Water weight? Jesus. Give me a break — I’m female, I get my period every month, i know what water weight is — and water weight does slide off your body at the average of 2-3lbs a week. This is FAT (not to be confused with phat) that is sliding off.
“Oh, you don’t need to lose weight/get in shape/diets are a bunch of scams”: One of my coworkers made a comment similar to this some time ago and it really burned my britches. They implied that since I had a man, there was no reason for me to feel good about myself. I wanted to bitch slap them into oblivion. Other comments over the years have produced the same results, but herein lies my own mental psychology — people are cruel. Yes, this is a common thread we’ve all experienced in our lives, but if you are fat/handicapped/look different, people are even more so cruel. Why are they cruel? To make themselves feel better about themselves — fuck, I do it myself when I’m being catty about other women I see (“ohmygod, she is wearing white shoes with a black dress!”) and about other things myself. I’m not innocent in this little game we play with each other myself here, I’ll take my lumps with the rest of you. Obesity (yes, since I am “technically” 100lbs over weight, I am “obese”) runs in my family, hereditary diseases like diabetes also runs rampart in my family as well as various diseases pertaining to the ovaries. One of the causes is being overweight. So fuck me for wanting not to die at an early age.
“Oh, you look fine just the way you are”: See above.
And the list goes on and on and on, but you get the point I’m making here.
Then you have the people who are chronic dieters — they talk about their experiences all the time at the meetings, about how they lost xx number of pounds and then gained it back after lifechangingevent/baby/xyz. Or the frantic dieters who drink nothing but water two days before the weigh in and piss for 48 hours to get rid of the weight. Or the snack-freaks who eat nothing for 24 hours and pig out on krispy kremes after the meeting. These are all the stories shared and some of them lack such common sense and others are just plain funny.
S. and I are feeling a bit out of sorts because we don’t feel like we belong to the group we meet with every week. Most of them are over 40 and most of them want to lose that extra 15lbs that has been hanging around since the Vietnam war. As twentysometings (ie young), we don’t get the obsession some of these women put into dieting as well as some of the more “motivational” uses some of the use — like the really obese woman who weighs herself twice a day and freaks out if she gains a few ounces — that’s just unrealistic (and funnily scary).
I just want to feel good and feel better about myself and I’m taking it one day at a time, I just wish some of these women would understand that doing this for xx amount of days is not going to get them down to a size 4/6 for their honeymoon/midlife crisis/etc. To me that is just disturbing.

reality bites

does anyone remember the movie reality bites? see i remember when it was first released, and my friend sherry and i had declared this anthem that this movie was about us — it was us. i was a mix of vickie miner and lani pierce while sherry was more of a lani pierce but with blonde hair, more trendy and more into doing for herself than lani was.
but it was never about who we personified, it was always the attitude.
Paul and i went to a party last night, which was okay, but realized with our lifestyles that we really don’t fit in with the group we had gone to see. it was supposed to be to meet people and branch your networking activities, but we both sat on the couch nursing beers feeling out of the scene. it was depressing to realize how many of the people knew each other going back to high school and college and had the same common interests and could relate to each other on my different levels — while as Paul and i sat there like lumps on the log. we left hurriedly to catch “The Mummy Returns” but even seeing imhotep and brendan fraser didn’t get my blood boiling — which it should have.
the problem with the world today, or i should say one of the problems with the world today is that the generation I’m in (which IS generation x, thank you. not this pre-teen bullshit) is now the Internet generation (or generation d as freaking wcom calls it) and now we are all broke and poor and have no business acumen.
I’m struggling sometimes to find that place back when i had something to say — not just i saying something but that energy and that ranting of the time when we were young. but i no longer belive that being young was the cause of our angst or our vitality – it was just this whole new different world that was waiting for us when we left college and went out to the workforce.
and you’re right, who am i kidding that no one has ever felt or done this way before — because with each passing generation there is a new thinker, a new doer a new someone who has discovered or done something that will be rediscovered once more.

a self-portal

betcha always wanted to know how i got so many goddamn domain names
well, regardless if you do or don’t, heh, here it is anyways. it is currently sitting at, so you can go to to view all my crap 😉
what the hell is a “self portal”?
i asked myself that several times when i came up with the idea, but it basically boils down to this:
in 1996 i registered my first domain, (which you are looking at now). initially, it was just your usual catchall personal homepage bullshit with my writings, bs, pictures and what not. starting in late 1997, i registered and had decided to start doing “consulting work” and make .com the ” business” page and .org the journal. later, .com just became a referrer for the .org and the .org became the lisa chronicles.
the lisa chronicles was the start of an almost daily journal that was included previous ‘zine work i had one as well as updates that i was doing more frequently (about 3x a week). In 1998 i had registered as a joke and as a personal narrative on daily fragments. this brought my stable of domains up to four.
in 1999, when Paul and i had moved in together, that required a new domain: which then lead to being registered for our friends locally. soon i became tired of being associated with the word simunye (zulu/xosha for “we are one”) and registered as the new home for the journal.
and lastly, in early 2000, i registered as a new ‘zine i was going to be working on with several people (it, obviously, never got off the ground).
In late 2000, I decided that I had have enough of, and registered both and That is now the new home for the online journal. However, to keep things flowing, does now point to so that anyone can access any three of those domains and get the same page.
then Paul had to get in the act and register for his own personal use.
my friend Sam and i came up with an idea and i went and registered
this brings the grand total to twelve domains.
i then started wanting to do a genealogy site on my surname ” rabey”, and since were taken, i will be registering within a few weeks, bringing the grand total up to fifteen domains.
with that being said, i started the portal page to help those interested in me to navigate around and keep track of everything in one place.
here is the list of domains and what they do: things that annoy us online journal Paul’s website where the novageeks hang out Paul and Lisa’s life uncensored self-portals genealogy about the surname ” rabey” points to points to points to points to
the following categories are how the self portal is divided:
on-line opinions – where i sprout my mouth off publicly
on-line journals – projects in the journal genre
round robin – domains that point to
misc. – stuff that is unique
mailing lists – mailing lists i run
local – things that will be localized on the network
wish lists – buy me stuff!