is how many words I have so far.

I’m feeling really good about the story but, I”m finding I’m losing concentration some times because I keep jumping around. I have to take a break and get away from my lead character because she’s screaming to get out.

Tonight I’ll probably do homework and work on the story later. Decisions decisions.

pro·crash·ti·na·tion. not a choice but a lifestyle.

it’s early Saturday afternoon and I’ve been up since 7:30. There is no humidity in the house and my skin feels like sandpaper. No matter how much moisturizer that I stick on my body and face, I still feel like my face will crack if I change facial expressions.

I’m in a strange mood. partially because I finished balancing my checkbook (that always causes me joy!) and because I got my first paper back from my lit class. I got a B- which pissed me off but the prof has great comments to say on it.

I’m neglecting everything recently and I’m finding I’m taking on way too much. several projects for the web that I wanted to complete are not done yet, I haven’t been writing for NaNoWriMo like I should and I’ve also been and it seems I spend more time responding to the yahoo club and talking to people ABOUT nano than writing. So that obviously has to change.

my shrink changed my drug prescription because I have racing thoughts and cannot concentrate. basically I’m feeling like wonder woman and getting everything on paper and actually writing nothing but crap.

this must change.


I just got my first paper back for ENG303 that I’m taking at UofMaryland, and I got a b-.

I’m pissed.

But it’s my own damn fault.

I KNEW a month ahead of time when the paper was due. I knew what the paper was going to be about. So what did I do? I waited until the last day it was due, sat around futzing everywhere to write it and finally finished all 3000 words in a shot of glory at 3am Monday morning.

I didn’t edit it, didn’t proof-read it other than spell check and word count (heh) and handed it in. But one thing did make me happy:

You have many interesting ideas to share, and you have the wherewithal to become a good writer. Your vocabulary is strong, and your sentences aim at an admirable complexity. They do not, however, often reach that level, tending instead to break up on the shoals of awkward constructions that make the paper difficult to understand in places. With practice and closer attention to style and the grammatical niceties, you could really develop. For other comments, helpful ones, I hope, see the text of your essays.


On the rating scale of 1-5, I got fours (good) on everything other than ‘grammar’ and ‘communication’. feh. AND I GOT A B-. I’m grumpy. Maybe he’s a tough person — like they don’t get an ‘A’ other than being perfect. I am not perfect (here we go hitting oneself upside the head again).

I’ve been solely neglecting everything, wait I should say de- prioritizing what I should be doing. I need to get myself together and start maybe allocating time to say write the damn novel for NaNoWriMo and writing more here plus the few other blog spots I hang out. Geesh.

I’m off to do homework and write.