on arthritis

I’m gonna drop a little back history for those of you in the know:

In 1994, I slipped and fell on my parents driveway, giving myself a dislocation and a double fracture. I ended up with 12 pins and a plate inserted. Since then, I’ve had fairly minor trouble, and it wasn’t until last year when Kethryvis came to visit and I could barely walk half way while she was here because the swelling and the pain was so terrible that i had to keep my leg elevated for most of her trip. Off to the docs i went to find that the ankle itself was fine and dandy, but what I had was Osteopathic Arthritis and well that’s when hell kicked in.

It was like when you find out something, it intensifies. My hands (I’ve sliced off my left pinky, sliced open my right palm), my knees (busted both open).

funny thing happened on the way to the forum

i was talking to boy-who-lives-over-seas a few weeks ago and i quipped

“oh now, what happens if i ever get a boyfriend?”
“because I sleep crosswise on the bed, face planted in the pillows with two pugs who snore and are protective about sleeping with me. Where is he going to sleep?”
“fuck it, he can sleep on the couch.”

hilarity ensues!

anyways, got permission from kethryvis about asking boy-who-lives-over-seas to the KEFFYLISACON03 in vegas, and made her promise not to smack me for asking. Anyways, as the world knows, he’s starting dating someone and I’ve been keeping hella distance. Have to or else obsess about it and that is the LAST thing I need. Told him not to answer unless he had a real good raeson not to come (ie: clingy gf, no money, war). ANything else would be trivial and I would taunt him with pictures of me and hot strippers 😀

He has a fear of flying. He probably WONT show but as the good book, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

non-sequitor trivia

Something not related and yet interesting:

Mike went to highschool with two of my exes : the infamous Danny and someone else I dated breifly named Greg. Mike was the bad boy rebel, Greg was the prep and Danny was the freak-o-matic nerd. Greg and Danny have both commented on each other as in “what the hell did you see in him” and both commented on Mike as in “What the HELL were you thinking?”. Hey, they were all sexy in their own way.

Just intersting that they knew each other and yet I dated Greg and Mike as we were ending HS and Danny years later.

ANd you all thought I was kidding about the lisa-exboyfriend support club starting 😉

Dear Lisa,
MIke is not going to knock on your door, and especially NOT at 3am in the morning. Please stop fussing with your hair and checking to see if you have shaved your legs (you did). Please get your arse into bed and REGULATE you sexy beast you.