que tu t’amuses!

I decided to write something for Patrick. Prose maybe or a poem. It seems really tacky to me considering that I just got emailed by an ex who sent me back the poem I gave him nine years ago, but, on the other hand I haven’t written a poem for someone in those nine years and to my knowledge (and I could be wrong, as I have been before), that was my one and only poem written for a boyfriend.

I keep going back to my 23rd? 24th? birthday when Patrick gave me notebooks to write in. It’s funny, because he is probably one of the only people in my life who has ever really encouraged my writing. It’s not that others have said “Well you suck ass Lisa, bite me.” more like, there is no encouragement at all. Which, to me is just as bad as discouragement. Should I say, he’s been more of a constant encouragement. I told him the outline of the book I’m working on and he laughed because he thought it was about him even it was started before that infamous kiss of November 28, 2003.

I don’t do well with fiction or poetry or prose. I mean, the earlier works are testament to that. Some of it is just pure crap and even I am embarrassed to read it.

So this is really important to me.
I just wish I could explain how much.

In true lisa fashion

UPS has been missing me these last few days. Since the boys are home till 1:30 and more often than not, I don’t get home till later, he’s been leaving tags on my door. I just, JUST, changed to pick up my packages at the UPS depot last night. Today I come home and see my downstairs neighbor has a UPS tag on her door and our front door has none. So the third package I was expecting came before the boys went to work.

The package that arrived was from Blowfish, containing the Raspberry Ring I got Patrick for Valentines day. The other packages contained other small items that I had purchased at various stores for him as well. I bought a pretty gift bag and have been slowly buying small things because I don’t have a lot of cash and I’ve been choosing items I’d think he like.

I messaged him earlier on tonight (he was sleeping) that his v-day gifts i bought him finally arrived. Later on as we are talking, I tell him that having a boyfriend sucks because I keep buying him things, as I completed the transaction to get him a Coach Money Clip.

He laughs and then says:

“What showed up? The jacket or the purse (or could be this one)?”
“Oh, I’m still waking up, I thought you said the valentines days gifts from me arrived.”
“er, no, the gifts *I* bought *YOU* finally arrived.”
“Fuck. I just ruined it didn’t I?”
“I’ll pretend I never heard you say that.”

I'm a naughty little minx

Just bought this and this (NOT WORK SAFE) for Patrick for V-Day. I’m slowly building up small items of Patrick-worthy items and giving him many small things instead of one large big thingish when I see him in March.

I also ordered Spy In The House Of Love by Anais Nin, because this is by far one of my favorite books and he’s never read her! *gasp*

Also thanks to fallenpegasus, I’m hand-making him a card which I’ll send out this week!