Why are men so impossible?


To the right

I’m currently hanging out in Patrick’s home office while he snores in the bedroom. My flight for GR doesn’t leave for another four hours, coinciding my arrival when my brother gets out of work tonight. I still need to throw my things into my duffle bag, get dressed at some point.

The weekend went well. Not “We are back to being boyfriend/girlfriend” well and not “Ohmygod I’m having a horrible time” either. Somewhere in between. Friday was interesting, a bit strained. He showed up at the airport nearly an hour after my flight arrived, as I sat in passenger pickup playing my GBA. I called kethryvis in a panic because he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. His excuse? Traffic. Which is all fine and dandy, but knowing Patrick, his tardiness was his way of saying, “You’re not that important to me bitch.” He has this TERRIBLE tendency to dismiss being ontime for things, like picking people up at the airport, if he feels it’s not worthwhile. He does it to his boss all the time. When he arrived, I handed him the bag of chocolate chip cookies I had made and hugged him tight. After a few foo-foo drinks during dinner, tensions disolved and things got a lot better.

I approached him about paying for my half of everything this trip out. He and I had gotten into disagreements about this in the past, and his argument of why he should pay centered on that I was a college student, poor and couldn’t afford to pay for my half. Which is true, but since we are no longer a couple, it seemed ridiculous to expect him to pay for things. But he wouldn’t hear of it and kept telling me to put my wallet away when it came time to pay. We went to Ruth’s Chris last night for dinner and I broached the topic of paying for half again, which he agreed. Then he proceeded to order a $350 bottle of Cristal. I laughed and said I as not forking over $175 bucks for champagne. He said it was to honor all the hard work I was doing for school and didn’t expect me to pay for it.

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