Throbbing Manor: Exterior (during, staged)

As it is seemingly typical in those who live in all season states, when it’s one season we long for it to be another. I moaned, lamented, whined, whinged, complained and whatever other adjective you could possible use about the lack of snow here in the mitten state at the beginning of winter. That is, of course, until we got teased with snOMGeddon a million times (this is what lake effect weather will do to you) and while we aren’t technically in snowpocalypse, it just hasn’t quit fucking snowing.

With all that being said, Carrie (@librarybug) recently commented that it was only 60 more days until spring!, which cheered me the fuck up. After doom, gloom, dry skin, slush and mush, anything resembling the next season of course makes me happy. That is until I moan, lament, whine, whinge and complain that it is too goddamned hot in the summer and oh boy, can I not wait until fall/winter to arrive. Rinse, lather and repeat.

As part of the staging process of the house, the flipper dropped some cash on having the entire property (front, side and back) landscaped to nearly an inch in its life. This is, I hope, what we have to look forward to as the temperatures warm (with a few minor tweaks by us, of course). I’m now adding these exterior shots to remind me that spring really isn’t that far away.

Throbbing Manor: Master Suite (during, with some furniture)

Master suite with some of the bedroom furniture.

Inspired my by fabulous friend Carrie Anne, I took the que from her when we started shopping for furniture to start looking at thrift/antique stores for pieces. We found a lot of really great pieces at amazing deals and now most of the pieces in our home have a story that goes beyond being mass produced. It gives them character and I love that.

Unintentionally we set out to do the master suite in mid-century modern, which started when I found the period credenza at lamb, who were selling off interior pieces of their store due to an upcoming remodel. The color of the credenza, which is now a dresser/tv stand, matched the family of colors on our sheets. The bed is a king platform bed, in slate, that we got from Overstock and we assembled ourselves. I also found an antique mid-century modern period dresser with the same lines/design at BlueDoor in “harvest apple gold”, also known as THE GREEN of the ’70s. Turns out they were discounting the dresser and coupled with a modest fee to repaint it in a color of our choosing, the final price is essentially the original retail price of the dresser.1

Platform bed from Overstock.

1. Yes, I’m aware I sound like a douche bag but what we paid for both dressers, including the repainting of one and delivery of both is significantly cheaper then buying one dresser even discounted from a mass produced furniture place. So while I may be or sound like a douche bag, I’m a douche bag whose saving benjamins.

Throbbing Manor: Hotel (during)

Hotel suite.

Almost the entirety of our living quarters at the hotel we lived at for nearly a month, save for our sleeping space.