the perfect storm

Subconjunctival hemorrhage
is how my GP referred to my left eye. Random hemorrhaging that randomly appeared on a random day last week. The “perfect storm” attribution comes as I hit all the elements just right (allergies with allergy meds waning, working out in the garden, a sneeze) was all it took to look like I had tangled with a liger.

Several days later, I had a massive anxiety attack while at work, the first one in months.

And I believe the hemorrhage and the anxiety attack are related.

It’s time to strip naked everything.

Day 13: Tales of the Blue Monarch Unlocked

Blue Monarch at Meijer Gardens
Blue Monarch at Meijer Gardens

Not much terribly to report for Sunday. TheHusband and I went to Meijer Gardensto take advantage of the beautiful 60F+ weather we were having and he had never been, so we thought why the fuck not? The downfall was that the gardens were not in bloom and the interior + sculpture park were jammed with kids with overly engaged parents. By overly engaged, I mean parents who completely disregarded the signs to not touch the sculptures and letting their children use them as play things. We saw more people posing pictures with their kids to illustrate WHAT A FUN TIME THEY WHERE HAVING over, you know, actually having a fun time.
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Day 12: Unlocked

I named all the things!

  • Broke down all the recycling and stuffed our 96 gallon recycling bin. Recycling pick ups in GRap are every OTHER week. Thanks to Prime, we keep UPS delivery guy busy and our recycling bin filled to near overflowing.
  • In an attempt to unfuck the porcelain cooktop to our gas stove, we found Barkeeper’s Friend, which unfucked a lot of the mess TheHusband tends to leaves behind when he cooks and which I can never get clean. It also apparently works well with stainless steel sinks, so you know what is going to get unfucked next. Huzzah!
  • Unloaded the diswasher, reloaded it. Washed the hand-wash only pots and wiped the sink down.Then put away ALL THE THINGS. Countertop AND sink are now empty!
  • Cleaned down the working areas in the kichen, EVEN PICKING UP THE THINGS I USUALLY WIPE AROUND, and put all putable items away.

Tea was made!

ProTip: You know the problem with having a house that is 3200 sqft (297.28 m2) and served over three floors? You need 3x as much shit! You don’t “a” broom, you need THREE brooms (one on each floor). Thus, for every X thing we need for one floor, rule goes you need the same item on other floors. Yes, yes, you could argue you could have one thing and carry it between floors, but let me tell you, that shit gets old quick. Especially with cleaning supplies.
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