Sunday Fits and Starts

Dear Internet, This is how it goes: Wake up. Get ready for the day. Read the Internet. Wipe the dog down after her romp outside. While both lounging on the bed, have a discussion with TheHusband about Canterbury Tales vs Inferno vs Decameron vs Arabian Nights. Intrigued, TheHusband brushes up on his medieval authors onContinue reading “Sunday Fits and Starts”

The Hours (6 Weeks and Counting)

Dear Internet, Thursday marked the six-week anniversary of my lay up (lay in?). When TheHusband and I started discussing what exactly the surgery was going to entail, I genuinely thought I would be laid up for 2 weeks of bed rest and than have a walking boot for another 4-6 weeks, then physical therapy asContinue reading “The Hours (6 Weeks and Counting)”

Insecticide! (Or how I may die)

Dear Internet, When it comes to bugs inside of Throbbing Manor, I take a very druidic approach: They can hang out here as long as they are not going to damage anything or annoy me. If they keep their end of the bargin, I won’t kill them. Spiders hang out, I don’t scream like aContinue reading “Insecticide! (Or how I may die)”