I thought about this while I was in the shower. That is when I generally have my best moments:

I was thinking about how weird life is and how what we sometimes think will happen won’t and what we dont expect to happen does. I’m not sure how this falls in the scheme of things other then then that life is what you make it.

Continuing on with with this train of thought, I thought about how funny it was that often, when we listen to our heart, it’s wrong. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but I have pondered about this and wondered why? Why when we think we love someone, it doesn’t work out? Why when we think we are doing our best, it’s not? Why when we think that something good is going happen, it does not? Why is this? Is there some type of cosmic force that alters our destiny that we have no idea about? I am not sure.

So what is my plan? Honestly, I wish I knew. I know that no matter how when we think we are right, we are wrong. That instinct is not always that truthful. That what we preceive as the truth is not always true, but false.

I know that regarding many things, that I have made mistakes and that I have been wrong. That hurts more then anything. Knowing that when someone (ie yourself) is wrong.

So where do we go on from here? I know that sometimes when we think that something is going right, it’s not and that life is short. It’s too damn short.

So from this point on, I think that I will do what I know I can do and go on from there. And not worry about the mundane every little thing that seems to occur when they do. It’s not worth it to stress.

Not worth it at all.

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