my curse: the afghan whigs

Lately there has been a flood of songs that have been really apt to fit my mood. One is a new one being played on alterna-teen stations called “Bitch” by Meredith ? (I forgot her last name). The second song that has been used to describe me is “My Curse” by The Afghan Whigs. I love the Whigs, and especially their album Gentlemen, so I am including it here on my poetry page thingy.

My Curse
by The Afghan Whigs

Hurt me baby.
I flinch so when you do.
Your kisses scourge me.
Hyssop in your perfume.
Oh, i do not fear you.
and slave i only use as a word to describe the special way i feel for you.
you look like me. and i look like no one else.
we need no other.
as long as we have ourselves.
but i won’t cry about it every time you get obsessed and every time i get undressed.
all ugly thoughts are gone i’m sure we’ll all be friends.
i’ll try to break your back, you’ll try to make amends.
curse softly to me baby and smother me in you love.
temptation comes not from hell but from above.
and there’s blood on my teeth when i bite my tongue to speak.
zip me down, kiss me there.
you won’t find out ever-
hurt me baby.
i flinch so when you do.
your kisses scourge me,
hyssop in your perfume
oh i do not fear you
and slave i only use as a word to describe the way i feel when i’m with you.
if i have to lie about it.
every time i came undressed.

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