the rumblings inside of my head
the voices screaming to get out
and i climb the walls in fury

clawing my way up to the top
i find myself barricaded by the ceiling
i pause
look around
there is no exit
no hope of survival

i scream in fury
i scream in angst
i jump down and ponder my situation

and the voices begin to rise
and i drop down on my knees, pulling at my hair to make them stop
but they wont stop
curled up in a ball

and tears fall from my eyes

and the truth from which i saw
came over me in waves

and i awoke
dreaming of another day
where lives were simple
and no need to persecute ourselves with masks and images
and this Utopia of lives
that seems to lie in my heart

i then realized i was of no more
of no existence
other then the one
you made of me

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