50 Things To Do


A regular podcast in which I go through my music collection in order, from A-Z, and pick an album/artist that ties in with an event in my life. Thanks for listening!

Bagged & Boarded

Sporadically updated on Wednesdays, review of comics and graphic novels that I’m currently reading or have read.

Caravaggio Project

One of my goals before I die is to see all the Caravaggio paintings in the world. This is that checklist.

Collectioun of Cunnynge Curioustes

A weekly round up and review of things I have written, read, listened to, watched, or liked.

Cunning Tales of a Systems Librarian

The librarian side of EPbaB.

Dairy Free

Recently diagnosed as allergic to milk protein (which includes whey and lactose), dairy variants pop up everywhere in food and other products, which triggers my allergy. This list updates those items (like toothpaste) dairy is found in and others who are also allergic can avoid.


Gratitudes and things that make me happy are a part of my carding coursework, and I track them everyday and I’ll post them here every Sunday. (And I also acknowledge this is going to take me a few weeks to go beyond “I have killer hair.”)

Media Consumption

Sporadic books read, movies and TV watched, and concerts attended over the years. Not a complete list but more or less what I’m into.

Put A Cravat On It

A Lisa-comprehensive guide to TV shows/series as methadone until the next season of Downton / Miss Fisher / Sherlock begins. Currently at over 100 titles and climbing.

So, You Want to be a Librarian/Archivist?

Collection of articles bluntly explaining the librarian and archivist professions.

Silly Pictures

Being silly. I’m goofy as hell but I need to be sillier more and it’ll help with my often crippling social anxiety. Thus taking weekly silly selfies for a year was born.

The Lisa Chronicles

TLC officially began on July 16, 1998 though I had been writing online for nearly a year prior to that scattered across various places. That was the day I went legit, put up a domain, made a website, and called myself an online memoirist. This is the content from that era

To:Be Project

I then realise what I wanted to be, really, when I grow up, is a Renaissance woman. A punk rock Martha Stewart who can not only can her own goods, speak several languages, keeps bees, put together and tear apart a car, herd pugs, play a musical instrument (well!) and at the end of the day, can out geek them all.


The never ending struggle to get my life in order.