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Skaldic press, llc is the publishing entity of lisa rabey. Under the Skaldic Press name, you will find a vast array of publishing goods from chapbooks to ‘zines.

You can download my work in PDF or mobi or buy it at fine retailers. When available, DRM has been removed. My work is copyrighted Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International, which means as long as you give me attribution, you can download and share my work. However, you cannot remix or sell it. Questions?



  • commercial breaks (as Lisa Rabey)
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  • The Lisa Chronicles, Vol. 1: 1998 (as Lisa Rabey)
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  • commercial breaks (as Lisa Rabey) [amazon] [createspace]
  • The Lisa Chronicles, Vol. 1: 1998 (as Lisa Rabey) [amazon] [createspace]


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  • so glad is my heart
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