Magnificent men and their flying machines

South Eastern Wheelers
South Eastern Wheelers from Waterford Bicycle Club circa 1909, via National Library of Ireland. Courtesy of The Commons, Flickr.

Dear Internet,

Unintentionally, yesterday was one of the laziest days we’ve had in a long while. I woke up around 8:30A to take Wednesday out and do her mourning rituals. TheHusband was still asleep when we came back to the bedroom, so I grabbed my laptop to start working on the archives while he slept. I made a lovely cup of tea to keep me warm as our house is freezing.

After a couple of hours, TheHusband finally awoke and we were quiet for a few more hours while he checked the interwebs on his tablet and I continued to work. Sometime around 1PM, we wandered downstairs for food and to plan our meals for the following week.

As we’ve been to-ing and fro-ing to the cabin every week, we haven’t had a grocery shop, like  a serious one, since June. Maybe even May. When I’ve been alone at the house, I graze so chips and dip it is!

Because of all our to-ing and fro-ing, we haven’t had time to do much shopping at any of the local farmer’s markets either, which has kind of bummed me out. I discovered, by happenstance, a local version of Door to Door Organics called Doorganics, with most of the food certified from local farms. Our biggest problem when we were with Door to Door Organics was the food was almost NEVER local (though they claimed this to be so). With Doorganics, each item is marked with what farm it came from, which is awesome. The ultimate goal is to shop at the Downtown Market once the interior is finished, use Doorganics, and use local shops for missing items. While we’ve gotten good use out of our Costco card, we’re not renewing it but I should add, we did get a Sam’s Club membership for when we are up near the cabin, so losing the club membership isn’t really a tragedy.

With food and meal plans organized, instead of taking a shower and getting our shop on, we wandered back upstairs where I continued with working on the archives and TheHusband read on his tablet for awhile. He ended up taking a nap for a few hours, while the dog and I continued on with what we were doing. Sometime around the dinner hour, I walked the dog for her afternoon constitutional, refreshed whatever I was drinking, and came back to bed. TheHusband snored on.

Dinner plans were thrown about but only if the place delivered, both feeling too lazy to put pants on to pick something up. Not having take out delivered in months, I was hoping there were new places available to try.

I would be wrong.

I’ve been cheating like a mad woman on eating dairy and I was tempted to order pizza but I couldn’t chance what would happen if I actually went into anaphylactic shock.  Eating Cheetos is one thing but solid cheese is a whole nother piece of business. In the end I ordered from a local Chinese place, while TheHusband ordered pizza. I eventually fell asleep sometime around midnight.

I calculated with walking the dog, bathroom breaks, and some to and froing to getting drinks or bugging TheHusband in his office, I was out of bed maybe only 2-3 hours out of my 16 hour day.

I didn’t even bother to take a shower or brush my teeth.

If you think this is unusual, you would in fact be wrong. The sheer amount of time I spend in the bedroom when I’m not sleeping is kind of frightening. After I get up, and rouse TheHusband out of bed, the bed is then made. So I’m not snuggled up in the bed itself, instead I treat the bed like a giant desk. Everything I could possibly need is in this room: 37″ HD TV with all the accoutrements, all my electronics, portion of my books, even an en suite for when I need to use the loo! With the kitchen located right off the stairs, everything is within reach.

I live in a beautiful house that is 3200 SQFT, I have my own private office with an Aeron office chair and a desk that dates back from 1923 and came from a college library that we picked up at an antique show. I don’t utilize any other room in this house (which only furthers the notion we definitely need to downsize) and to be fair, neither does TheHusband but I’ve taken it a whole new level.

So then why?

The explanation we’ve come up with dates back to when I had my surgery last year. For three months I was bed ridden. When I started becoming weight bearing, I had to constantly elevate my leg whenever possible. So when I came home from work, on the bed and up went the leg. Then there was surgery #2. Laid up for nearly a month, then back to partial weight bearing, then finally I am free.

For a year I have spent most of my non working, waking hours on the bed with my foot propped and a dog who thinks it was an extension of my left hip. So it makes sense, then, this has become my base for all things.

It doesn’t help the bed is a king and extremely comfortable.

It also doesn’t help my excuse for not working in my office is that computer is old and too slow.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been trying to move myself to a place where I could feel inspired, was outside the bedroom, and was comfortable. In June I created a work area in the solarium.

And then promptly never used it.

To be fair, the to-ing and fro-ing to the cabin this summer has impacted how I work, but now that is over, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how organize myself so that I can get things done.

As much as I adored my lovely king size desk  and the great distractions around me, work won’t get done while I’m set up this way. I’ve had a year to make this work, and granted a good amount of time was because I had to, not because I wanted to, but in this configuration is not conducive.

Forward on to finding a work space!

Lisa (Day #30)

This day in Lisa-Universe in: 2003

happy xmas eve

Today was one of those days where I went to work and got paid to goof off, eat fudge and smoke a lot.

Have I mentioned the horrors of my company? No? Well they cancelled the holiday party this year (some poor soul tried to set up a holiday potluck in our department but no one signed up…), health care has been detained for open enrollment due to “funding” and they even took our GODDAMN VENDING MACHINES! Free coffee went out the window as they are now replacing them with coffee machines (hence why our vending machine was removed — needed room for the coffee machine). Bonus structure has been rearranged. And the sad part? That MY department does FIFTYSIX PERCENT of the revenue for worldcom. Yes. It’s true. I say the company stats. WorldCOm has been in the black for the last three quarters and they are penny pinching to the point where you can feel the collective sigh as the holidays approach.

fucking eh!

So today was a waste.

They kept all of Wcom open but we yelled down “hello!” down Main St. (the main large hallway that connect all the buildings) and heard an echo back towards us. No one called us, as most businesses are closed or closing early on the eve of the holiday. So I did a site audit on myself and basically ate fudge, wrote personal email and smoked whenever I could. A friend of mine who works in a different department is a part-time Rabbi and he said it’s been pretty slow where he’s at as well.

So I left the joint a few minutes early and drove to the grocery store as Paul said he wanted to make creme brulee for dinner tonight (there are three of us and he’s cooking like there is 12..) and lemme tell you, the one if not the MAIN ONE reason I hate the holidays is how effing rude people get. Look, I’m sorry YOU waited to the last minute to get your xmas shopping done, food bought and gifts wrapped but don’t take your anger out on me. One of the reasons that people get so pissy this time of year pisses me off. I’m also a bit miffed because I had asked a friend of mine what she and her family would like for xmas and she said “instead of three small gifts can you just get me one expensive gift?”. I’m perturbed that she had the audacity to /ask/ it in that manner. I don’t mind helping someone else out but shit. I still haven’t even gotten gifts for my closest friends and now I feel effing OBLIGATED to get this thing for her. Feh. It angers me, as you can probably tell. But I don’t have the balls to tell her “no, sorry, can’t do that” because I already promised her we would. We being a few of us who are doing this. Paul’s all pissy because he’s like “well they don’t treat us well, xyz, why should we buy them something?” And I can see what he means — to a point. but I don’t quite, I can’t quite say no.

I’m not in the mood to write anymore. Haven’t been in awhile, so I’ll be back when I have something more worthwhile to say.

Happy Holidays.

that prep school bitch

i had decided this weekend to start going through all of my stuff to sort and pack before we began the actual packing. like a lot of people, I’m a pack rat, but what i keep tends to be more paper than actual junk.

sorting out through some of stuff that was crammed into a four shelf bookcase, i came across pictures, memorabilia and other paraphernalia of days gone by. Pictures of high school friends, tickets to concerts long since seen and other stuff that I had kept for a reason that escapes me even now.

later on Saturday evening, a friend from back when I used to hang out on the mailing list fte (back in the mid-90s when my obsession for sarah mclachlan was going strong), IM’d me out of the blue. I had by chance logged into my aol account (hey, it’s free, fuck off 🙂 and he had IM’d me wondering if that was still me.

it was indeed me and we got to talking and i asked about how people were doing and what not. We had a loosely knit group of friends who had formed a sub-list off the main list as most of the people we talked with hung out in the bay area and it was easier to plan to see shows like lilith without all the chatter of the static of the main group clogging it up.

over time, i saw that while sarah mclachlan still rangs up there as one of my all fav singers, it was time to move on with myself. i unsubbed myself from fte in the spring of 99 before lilith had started and removed myself from sf-fumblers as the traffic was so slow and sometimes there would be weeks without email. I knew that if anyone really wanted to talk to me, they could always email/IM me if they choose and that was that.

talking to greg brought up a lot of painful insecurities that i had long forgotten in my daily life. you see, there were a few females on the mailing list that i alternated between hating and liking within a moments notice. the two particular females had seemingly grown up with everything being golden to them. One had gone to Vassar and the other had gone to private college in CT. They were the kind of girls who in their early 20s had already traveled fairly extensively outside of the US, knew which types of wines to order with their dinner, could afford or had knowledge of the better things in life. both had wanted to marry someone early and have babies and live the full life of a soccer mom.

yes, those kind of girls.

the kind of women my friend Jennifer at work and i mock when we head out to dulles town center for lunch, the kind bored and restless with their expensive degrees shuffling along with their 2.5 kids, the kate spade diaper bags and their stupid SUVs parked in the parking lot, wasting away the day while their husband is off having a fling with his secretary.

can you sense the bitterness here?

one of the girls was honestly sweet — but we never really became close as friends as other than a few musicians we had nothing in common. the other girl, however, has long since been a manipulator in the big scheme of things and it was widely discussed about how she manipulated people for her own things.

i can’t really fault those two for the things they have done/said/will do, but it was amazing to me the resentment that came out talking to greg when i asked how everyone was doing. it always seems that the privileged, or those i think as being privileged, are having a high time in life while i still feel like the poor student working her way through college.