talk dirty to me

I should be writing my midterm, which is half-finished and due tomorrow.

I should be doing a lot of things, but i’m not. heh.

Alright, so I’m checking email for the fiftieth time today and I get the following spam:

I would never have believed that my husband of 4 years would cheat on me.

And he didn’t even tell me – I saw his email was full of messages from girls at who wanted to fuck him! He had a whole folder full of email from women who had already gone to bed with him and had the nerve to thank him for a great time!

These girls sound like total sluts who will fuck anything with a dick. My husband isn’t even good looking he’s overweight and losing his hair and still these girls are all over him.

XXXdate has turned his life into one big sex-capade and I’m mad as hell! So I joined XXXdate just to show him I can fuck more than he can!

And I’m sitting there kind of dumbstruck. Not that it’s spam but it’s just, the content. I am no prude, by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it’s the current climate of women that are sort of bugging me? I can’t really explain it, it’s like, I’ve never really found it difficult to get a man (yes, i know you’ve heard me bitch about getting laid etc but let me finish here) but it’s the QUALITY of MEN i’m looking at discussing.

Keth and I had this conversation the other night when she called me to tell me she got accepted to UCSC and we ended up chatting for a few hours. The conversation kind rounded around men and our current lack thereof. Now, me personally, I do have crushes on people and some I would say were not crushes and probably some sort of “liking” going on (haha, this is so jr high) but, the crushes cannot be realised (you know, I TALK about henry rollins being my third husband but you know he isn’t going to be — really. maybe.)


I just got my first paper back for ENG303 that I’m taking at UofMaryland, and I got a b-.

I’m pissed.

But it’s my own damn fault.

I KNEW a month ahead of time when the paper was due. I knew what the paper was going to be about. So what did I do? I waited until the last day it was due, sat around futzing everywhere to write it and finally finished all 3000 words in a shot of glory at 3am Monday morning.

I didn’t edit it, didn’t proof-read it other than spell check and word count (heh) and handed it in. But one thing did make me happy:

You have many interesting ideas to share, and you have the wherewithal to become a good writer. Your vocabulary is strong, and your sentences aim at an admirable complexity. They do not, however, often reach that level, tending instead to break up on the shoals of awkward constructions that make the paper difficult to understand in places. With practice and closer attention to style and the grammatical niceties, you could really develop. For other comments, helpful ones, I hope, see the text of your essays.


On the rating scale of 1-5, I got fours (good) on everything other than ‘grammar’ and ‘communication’. feh. AND I GOT A B-. I’m grumpy. Maybe he’s a tough person — like they don’t get an ‘A’ other than being perfect. I am not perfect (here we go hitting oneself upside the head again).

I’ve been solely neglecting everything, wait I should say de- prioritizing what I should be doing. I need to get myself together and start maybe allocating time to say write the damn novel for NaNoWriMo and writing more here plus the few other blog spots I hang out. Geesh.

I’m off to do homework and write.


kinky afro

I have figured it’s high time i sent out an update. Besides, my updates are more important than answering the phone or doing actual work!

As many of you have probably noticed, has been removed including archives and what not. i am NOT going on hiatus and i am NOT removing perm. I got my grubby little hands on some really great web design software that allows me to be a bit more dynamic, and I gave myself two weeks to get everything under control. However, within those last two weeks, I’ve also had to work late and had lots of over time (which I’m not paid for, i was just doing it to get brownie points) plus we’ve had friends visiting and it would have been Huber rude if i said “hey, my website is more important than you”. So, I’ve neglected it by quite a bit.

I’m giving myself another one week extension to get the work finished. I’m implementing a lot of nifty things such as a search feature and a bit more interactivity. The new website should be unveiled by June 10th. Two days before my 29th birthday.

As I hold desperately to my twenties, I’ve been reexamining my self with Dr. B., the shrink. I saw her yesterday and made my everlasting comment of “I don’t know who I am” and did my song and dance about what roles I’m supposed to be playing in society and where I fit in. She asked me if i had any goals, and other than college, I have none really. She suggested that I read “7 effective habits of highly successful people” or some crap. Plus with all the other books she’s been giving me to read, not only is and love me, but my reading stack has grown considerably. I’m looking at getting some goal and direction in my life. Considering i just plunked down 2500 for two classes including books, i do not want to be having another midlife crisis soon.

So yep, I’ve been accepted to — which is pretty cool in and of itself since they have a complete program for online distance education and my two classes are completely online. If I do well at UMUC, I may not have to step into a classroom until I start work on my graduate courses. I am, of course, all excited about this. I even ran out and got my library card at the county library system and that gave me more joy than i have known in some time.

i know, a library card — i haven’t had one since I lived in GR back in the early 90s. I love having a library card — cos then books are free! 🙂 There are several public libraries within a few miles of our apartment in NoVa, and I can’t wait when I have to go do a paper and need to pack up my books and papers and study for a few hours. Paul will, of course, be calling the cellphone every two minutes, but that is what the power button is for. 😉

I usually do a big toodoo about my birthday — which is coming up in 13 days, about a month before hand. Lisa-Mas this year will probably be celebrated quietly (or not), but hey, if you feel generous, you can always get me a gift! 😉 wishlist:

Several have said with the amount of items added and the dates, it’s not up to date, but I can assure you, it is 🙂

more later 😀