the world of lisa rabey

I have: managed a liquor store when I was 20, worked at a meat processing plant, did retail for too long, a bookseller for years, worked at a tier one ISP during the dot com boom, was in school for a very long while, an academic librarian for a community college for a bit, and now I sling content all over the place. I’ve earned two bachelor’s and three master’s degrees while doing all of this.

For funsies, I manage a Jane Austen blog, write reviews on graphic novels, swim, do yoga, write some shit, and read some crap. I watch far too much reality TV. I also have a newsletter because of course I do.

My background makes me uniquely qualified for a large number of career paths as well as my hunger to be a lifelong learner.

I can be found across the internet as @heroineinabook.

P.S. I’m an advocate for mental health, self-care, and body acceptance. I’m also active on social media which is my personal social media and I do not speak for anyone but myself. If any of this troubles you, I’d suggest you take a hike, Jack.