but mostly it’s uplifting

Cocaine toothache drops for children circa 1885, via ClassicPixs

Dear Internet,
The lesson here is to stop the pizza/Benadryl combo because honestly — I’m not fooling anyone.
The weather has shifted from days and days of nothing but snow to a quick warm up and sleet and ice. As we are the first driveway on the block, when the city plows we get the built up from them going around the corner. The last few days of sleet and ice meant our fairly pristine driveway had a 2′ ice dam at the end that was impossible for me to drive over in either direction.
So we didn’t leave the house on Saturday because who has time for that?
A fairly good evening was had as we went out with my brother and his girlfriend for TheHusband’s birthday and sat and shot the shit for a few hours before we got into the cake, which I had made for his birthday. German chocolate cake with “35!!!” scrawled across the top. One foot in the grave is my husband. One foot. Time for an upgrade.

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