daily entry: February 2, 2015

Dear Internet,

  • Morning ritual: Wake up, use the facilities, pop contacts in, take drugs, turn kettle on for tea, figure out breakfast. While the kettle is heating up, fill last nights Bopple and also the humidifier. With tea and breakfast in hand, check email, Facebook, Twitter. Respond as necessary
  • Did laundry and shoveled out car (GR got 10″ of snow last night)
  • Put together todo list
  • Got hairs cut
  • Ran errands
  • Grabbed lunch, came home
  • Showered, fluffed new hairs
  • Caught up on Up The Women
  • Bed ritual: refilled humidifier, grab Bopple for the night, take contacts off and wash fash; use the facilities
  • Sleep


This Day in Lisa-Universe:  2014, 2001

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