daily entry: February 3, 2015

Dear Internet,

  • Morning ritual: Wake up, use the facilities, pop contacts in, take drugs, turn kettle on for tea, figure out breakfast. While the kettle is heating up, fill last nights Bopple and also the humidifier. With tea and breakfast in hand, check email, Facebook, Twitter. Respond as necessary
  • Discover flight out for mini-break has been rescheduled, except it passes my connection so spend an hour on the phone waiting for Delta to answer to reschedule flight. Flight has been rescheduled for February 4
  • Contact all credit card and banking companies that I am not leaving out of the country and to turn travel notifications off
  • Attempt to contact unemployment about claim, told by auto-voice to call back later. This has been ongoing since December. Make mental note to go directly to the unemployment office upon return
  • Despite best intentions, get into pissing argument about the copyright of my article on Reddit. Because someone is WRONG on the Internet
  • Write
  • Read my RSS feed for a few hours to catch up. Never caught up.
  • Finish packing for mini-break
  • Work on back archives of the site, mainly in 2002. Most of that year is now online for the first time in years
  • Read my RSS feed some more
  • Bed ritual: refilled humidifier, grab Bopple for the night, take contacts off and wash fash; use the facilities
  • Catch up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
  • Sleep

P.S. My little book is now #57 in Books > Computers & Technology > Business & Management > Biographies. Please buy it (and review it!)!

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