Don’t Stop Believin’

Don't Stop Believin'  (I'm on the far left, in orange pants)
Don’t Stop Believin’
(I’m on the far left, in orange pants)

Dear Internet,
It is true, apparently, if you give me a few Guinness, I will do just about anything. Including singing karaoke.
Tomorrow (Friday) marks a few milestones this week I’m pretty proud of. The first being this is the eighth day in a row I’ve been successful in getting something on the journal. My unspoken, until now, goal, has been to write something everyday and get it posted, no matter how minute or insignificant I may think it may be. The hardest part has been the balance between raw and fluff, which has been pretty tricky.  My point is to write, even if there is nothing of major news to report, to capture moments of my day or week as I can best remember.
The second milestone is TheHusband and I have revamped our eating plan, again, and we’ve made it through the first tough first week. I also realized with the exception of some tiny chicken pieces floating in a steamed rice bowl I had for lunch earlier this week, our diet has been entirely unintentionally vegan.
I have never shat so much as I have this week.
We have local, organic delivery of vegetables every other week, coupled with our regular shopping, means we eat a lot of veg and fruit. But with our current meal plan, the fruit and veg has been amped up significantly. To help alleviate how strict the calorie counting we’re (I’m) doing in the week, the weekends will be slightly more relaxed. Hopefully with meat in the form of burgers cooked in bacon fat.
The struggle with my weight has long been documented across all incarnations of my journal. Yet here, on this incarnation I’ve been not as brave talking about this topic. I’ve got a blog post started, yet still sitting in draft format for nearly a year, on my body plans for the year. But those plans, as we know, changed drastically. The last several weeks has been well documented on how my world has been changing in fairly significant ways and part of that significance is when faced with task or a goal, I’m not shying away from it as I have before in the past.
Over my shrink appointment this week with Dr. P., I recounted everything that had happened from the sexual harassment to dealing with my mother and all the gooey bits in between. He has also noticed something has changed with me, something within. The corner I knew I needed to turn has finally come my way and as long as I can keep the wolves at bay, then all is right with the world.

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  1. I started an inches loss journey back in Sept (because I’m tired of focusing on the pounds) so let me know if you need a buddy to give you a swift ass kick every once in awhile to get back on track. I know I need one every now and then too. 🙂

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