Gratitudes: February 29 – March 7, 2016

Dear Internet,
Gratitudes and things that make me happy are a part of my carding coursework, and I track them everyday and I’ll post them here every Sunday. (And I also acknowledge this is going to take me a few weeks to go beyond “I have killer hair.”)

  1. Ms. Lizzie Locks for her amazing kindness towards me and Thursday the Pug (She sent Thursday toys and snacks from her dogs, Sophia and Stormy. The dog is going insane.)
  2. The internet, without whom I would not be the person I am today that is how important it is in my life
  3. TheExHusband for everything he has done and will do to keep me moving forward
  4. Potential employers who extend an interview request to me
  5. The pug simply because her silliness makes me smile
  6. Being biologically in excellent health
  7. For people who do not like me for it reminds me that standing by what I think is right and true is the sacrifice I am willing to make over pleasing everyone
  8. That we all want to love and be loved
  9. Friends whom I haven’t spoke to in months and we can pick up just where we left off
  10. I’ve said this numerous times across my site but it needs to be on the list — TheBassist for breaking up with me. It was perhaps the greatest gift he could have given me for it helped deter a terrible crash, deal with my issues, get the help I need, and make me a better person. Thank you.


  1. Freshly washed hair
  2. Bubble baths
  3. Hot cup of tea
  4. Iced coffee
  5. New office supplies
  6. Sharpies
  7. Planning fantasy vacation
  8. Reading
  9. Writing
  10. My collection of fountain pens


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