hey piggy piggy

i’m really beginning to hate this laptop.
the above graphic that you are seeing in the nav bar, to me, is coming out this really pretty shade of purple with the butterflies on the background. On my linux box and on paul’s mac, it’s coming out a completely different color. wait. I’ve noticed that if i tilt the monitor portion of the lappy, i can see the true color it’s coming out as. and that is just bs.
okay, i think i’m done fucking with my site for awhile. At this angle colors look better, and it’s not that hard to read (kind of like the pic my brother sent me recently of the guy giving himself head). i’m just sick of spending so much time (nearly 2.5 hours at this point) fuxing with it to make it look “better”. I just really need to freaking stop. this is WHY i ‘m pimping rynsey to do site design for all my projects. i really love butterflies. i should make that my new tattoo.

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