Ho. Ho. Ho. (Holiday card exchange + Lisa’s M-Fing Holiday Mix, 2010)

Wanted: Your addresses.
Why: To exchange holiday greeting cards.
When: Holiday season, 2010.
Every year I make a vain attempt to send out holiday cards and in some years, it happens but in others (like last year), it does not. 😉 Now that the major big stuff is over (I’ve graduated from Wayne and have gotten married), I’ve got a bit more time to work to spend on sending cards out this year.
The one caveat for this year is that I do not know where we’re going to be living in the month of December. We could be back in Grand Rapids or in another city entirely. I will not know until the end of the month (November) how this is going to play out, so, if you’d like to send us a card (Lisa + Justin and Wednesday the Pug), I am more than happy to update you when we get settled.
Please feel free to email, Facebook, tweet, LiveJournal or comment here with your address. Or if you prefer another method, let me know that too. If you’re interested in sending us a card, indicate that so I can notify you when our address is updated. If I already have your email address, I’ll be sending out an email within the next week or so with something similar to this.
IN ADDITION, I am (hopefully) will be mixing another holiday mix this season. I am soliciting for suggestions for a non-traditional non-denominational holiday muzak. Think kitsch and eyeroll, like 50 Shekel’s “Chanukah Jam” and “Jingle Belz” by Bootsy Collins with some Tom Waits and Pogues (always obvs choices) thrown in. Contact me at the above locations for your suggestions.

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