I’m leaving G-Rap – come say good-bye and give me presents.

So it’s become official — I’ve scored my first library gig (on campus, at Wayne in Detroit) and I’m blowing out of this town the first of the year. My final day at $corporate_bookstore is 1/3/2009 and I start the new gig on 1/5/2009. Officially moving the weekend of 1/10-1/11/2009
And while we have the internets to keep us connected, if you want to see me before I leave, you best make plans with me before I go. While yes, it’s only 156 miles away, I do not know how often I’ll be back in town.
You have roughly three weeks to say your good-byes. I may try to throw together a bar shin dig somewhere, before I leave but that requires energy I do not have this second.
hugs and kisses,

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