In true lisa fashion

UPS has been missing me these last few days. Since the boys are home till 1:30 and more often than not, I don’t get home till later, he’s been leaving tags on my door. I just, JUST, changed to pick up my packages at the UPS depot last night. Today I come home and see my downstairs neighbor has a UPS tag on her door and our front door has none. So the third package I was expecting came before the boys went to work.
The package that arrived was from Blowfish, containing the Raspberry Ring I got Patrick for Valentines day. The other packages contained other small items that I had purchased at various stores for him as well. I bought a pretty gift bag and have been slowly buying small things because I don’t have a lot of cash and I’ve been choosing items I’d think he like.
I messaged him earlier on tonight (he was sleeping) that his v-day gifts i bought him finally arrived. Later on as we are talking, I tell him that having a boyfriend sucks because I keep buying him things, as I completed the transaction to get him a Coach Money Clip.
He laughs and then says:
“What showed up? The jacket or the purse (or could be this one)?”
“Oh, I’m still waking up, I thought you said the valentines days gifts from me arrived.”
“er, no, the gifts *I* bought *YOU* finally arrived.”
“Fuck. I just ruined it didn’t I?”
“I’ll pretend I never heard you say that.”

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