Introducing Throbbing Manor

Throbbing Manor

We’ve bought a house. A 3200 sqft, 1924 Arts & Crafts/English cottage-esque house in Heritage Hill, replete with a bootleggers ballroom in the basement, two fireplaces, and sitting rooms in the master and guest suites to name a few of its enticements.
Yes, I’m bragging.
The last two months have been a whirlwind of packing up our Royal Oak apartment, living in a hotel for nearly a month and finally closing and getting into the house. This is not including holidays, family drama/illnesses, job interviews, car related issues and other tchotchke like things that have been thrown in our direction. The night we moved in, we were in bed by 9:30. P.M. WednesdayThePug is beside herself because there is SO MUCH SPACE. In this period, I’ve discovered two things:

  1. A lot of people are into house porn. Beyond House Hunters and House Hunters International, I’ve had near-strangers on the intarwebs ask for images of the house just because they dug the style, look, etc.
  2. My husband is secretly a woman. There is NO (straight) MAN on the planet who will call you up and say, “Let’s talk about dining room chairs!” And mean it in a, “I’m serious, let’s talk about style/fabric/etc of said chairs.” This fully confirms that I missed the shopping gene at some point because if I have to look at another goddamned dining room chair that looks almost identical to the last dozen I’ve recently seen, someone is getting a boot up their ass.

It is these two lessons learned that I decided to start uploading a pic a day of the house, including before, during and after. The house, if you haven’t heard me bang about this in person, is a flip that was completed by a local man/company and took nearly a year to complete. The house was almost literally gutted to the studs but a lot of the original architectural detailings were preserved and added back in. Simply put, the before images will make you cry. The during photos are photos of us moving in, so expect a lot of empty rooms and random pieces of furniture. The after will be the “finished” room. The images will be haphazard but I will also be updating a Flickr set with the images and linking back to said set, which will be in order. The idea is to have regularly posting content (Monday through Friday) about the house that will not take away from regular blogging itself.
I’ve toyed with cutting myself off from various social networks to get back to some projects now that the house stuff is all settled, but that still may be a few weeks and everyone is clamoring for pictures NOW. With that, I introduce you to Throbbing Manor, our home for the next 10-15 years! It also fully confirms that becoming an adult apparently is to have a garage door opener.

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