machines of loving grace

back when pc’s stood for personal computing and not for wintel machines, i had asked a friend of mine what classes i should take in college in regards to computers. Her reply was that since it seemed I was heading more in the business orientated world, that I should take the Windows-centric classes as Mac’s were not going to be figuring heavily in my life. I was cool with that because i did not necessarily plan for my future as well as I should have (or so i think now).
Almost a decade alter, after that question I had posed to her, I find myself using a Mac because the sheer thought of using a wintel box any longer was going to send me to an early grave.
I’ve always been fairly frank when the OS wars have taken place around me. I hate all computers and operating systems equally. There is some good and bad points to each of them, sure, and thusly one can never truly be greater than the other. At least that is what I think. The computer industry is very Windows orientated and I’m tired of it. I’m sick of the machines that I own always seeming to have issues and i’m sick of the how everything seems to fall apart around me.
I’ve been thinking about getting a Mac for quite some time now, in fact, I got a quadra back in 1999 that’s now sitting in our office closet. The quadra has a 68k processor that goes at a blazing 33Mhz. The freaky part is that in 1999, the quadra was faster than my p200 Wintel box that i had at the time. Like eerily fast.
But, time moves on and i keep plugging away at using the wintel box. The huge thing about swapping over form pc to a mac is like driving an automatic to a stick. So much about the OS’s are the same and yet so fucking compltely different. I dig this whole drag and drop featuere though. That my friends is totally worth the price of changing.
The g4 tower that is beneath my desk belongs to one of our good friends who currently is not using it (and according to him have not been using it for quite some time due to space limitations), so he is lending it to me for a month to see how i ilke using a mac, because at this time it’s either put up or shut up when it comes to buying a new computer.
I’m trying to imagine a world in which there are no computers, at least a world where i’m not heavily involved with one and i know for fuck sakes it’s not going to cocur.

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