music non-stop

i got obsessed recently with getting our cds in order. I knew for a long time paul and I had duplicates of the same cds, but thankfully it wasn’t that many. We found a 500 cd holder at freaking tower for under a 100 bucks, so we bought home and let my compulsive/obsessive nature shine through.
May I present you with the complete cd collection of lisa and paul.
Since Paul keeps asking me what CDs we own and he was bitching that i was not incorporating his CDs in with mine, i finally gave up and did this little project.
The case, despite being absurdly cheap, is actually pretty nice looking. We were using those standard 300 cd cases that you can buy at walmart for like 20 bucks, but every time you touched it, it almost fell over. Some of the 500 and 1000 cases I’ve been looking at were pricing at several hundred bucks. Who knew Tower would have something I needed? I usually despise that store for being so overpriced and full of wanna be trendoids. Majority of the time when I do buy cds, i buy them online now a days, but then again, who doesn’t buy shit online?
I’ve gotten hooked on yahoo — in more ways than one. I found out you can add all your checking, savings and credit card accounts on one page without having to look them up separately.
I’m so excited i could have cream my panties.
Btw, I’m looking for a new spades partner to play on come help a sistah out.
i have cramps.

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