i am a lie

from which the depths that i came
nothing holds my shame

seasons change within a blink of an eye
life is everlasting in the fields of which we die

i wonder through this world
secure in the knowledge of me

for those i’ve loved and let slip through
i often find myself anew
men come and go with the season
but a blink of an eye

i tear apart each soul i encounter
devour it with my teeth
like snow against a grave

i look into each i come across
hoping to find the one i want
i know life is not meant to be
with what i’ve encountered

cigarette smoke
caressing my cheek
the house is silent
the only sound is my pen
scratching against this paper
so virgin in its pristineness
so innocent
so pure

depth in the ranges from which i come
sneaking across my mind
i give till i can give no more

all the men in my past
blurred images from which they race
all the promises from which they told
screaming in my mind

i gave my body most willingly
in hopes of securing some sort of dignity
emotion is a lie
truth is a lie
love is a lie
i am a lie