idea book

a couple of months ago, i had come across a page that was very similar to mine. to the extent they had ripped off the ideas of players and almost the exact wording of what i said. i never bothered to write them to mention it, but i figured quid pro quo: I’ll steal something from them.

the idea was a card that would list everything you wanted to do before you died. sounded good to me. sticky pads are getting way expensive:

Before I die, I want to:

  • backpack through Europe
  • get my undergraduate degree before I’m 30
  • write a best seller
  • write a non-best seller, but more in depth in its prose
  • be rich
  • learn to drive a stick without putting out the clutch.
  • learn to sky dive, mountain climb, and hike
  • learn to ski
  • open a book/coffee/internet cafe
  • open up a discotech
  • own a bordello
  • have sex live on stage in Amsterdam
  • become a sexpert
  • make a porno movie
  • go to an ivy league grad school
  • live in Europe for awhile
  • own a vineyard
  • learn to cook
  • get my labia pierced
  • get a few more tattoos
  • live in sin
  • get married
  • get married again
  • have a child or 12
  • get my doctorate in something
  • drive across the US
  • live in all the major cities
  • learn how to speak French and German

this list will be updated when i think of new things/more things i want to do. a “star” of some sort will be placed by the ones i have already done.