L.ife-like I.ntelligence S.timulated A.rtifically

..I actually found out the cool acronym for my name visiting a porn site one day. The acronym, fitted me so perfectly (even though it was talking about a plastic “doll” called Lisa), that I have kept it with me ever since.

So here I am, naked, chain smoking, and pissed off for the lack of Diet Coke in my household. I had once thought, that web pages were so “neat” (as I have had one floating around the web for a few years now) and I won’t be so insane as to call it “LisaWeb” or that it is in “beta” (snort) version something or another. Everything *is* always in beta. Life is in beta. I read in a quote somewhere, about how “models” are nothing more than a plastic image of the real McCoy. Which is true. I mean, I am “far” from perfect, and who would want to be perfect anyway?

That would be so fucking boring, we would all act like lemurs and go jump off a cliff somewhere. I mean, honestly! The web is nothing to stroke your own ego. It’s all nothing but a penis contest, and its something I refuse to participate in, because it’s not my style. I believe that I stand alone in my “one” ness enough that I don’t need to showcase all of my lovely talents. But somehow, I doubt seriously, that my talents could come over via the web anyway (so I hear from Jeff all the damn time). Who also says that I should never fish for compliments, because I should be secure in my own right, which I am. 🙂

Just that, I like to told, like every other human animal on this planet, how wonderful I am 🙂 I mean, after all, we all do know how gorgeous and wonderful I am. Basically what it is, is that I play by my own rules. By this I mean, while I know it is contradictory to be bitching about web sites and then I am vain enough to have my own domain name (snicker), is that *this* site will not be laden down with shit load of graphics, Java or Java Scripts (I HATE THOSE DAMN THINGS!) and illogically placed frame sites (ever notice how ‘professional’ sites still can’t figure out how to use the “_parent” tag yet when referring to a frame within a frame?) People’s stupidity overwhelms me. Honestly. I just can’t figure it out why, when majority of the population is cruising along on 28.8 modems that they would laden down their web pages with crap. Who the hell wants to stay for that shit? I don’t.

I do honestly like hearing from people who appreciate what I write and how I think and how I feel. It *really* feels good to be accepted for what and who I am. Obviously there is more to the story then what you see here on these pages, because to encompass all of my life, would require a T3 pipe and a gig server 🙂 anyway, if you read this far, you have already been seduced by my words 😉 Good! Stick around and maybe I will serve you some cherry pie later.