The Players

In every great work of art, there are characters that are either imaginary or a product of a composite of the author.

The problem is, that I know too many people and sometimes, when referencing one person, another one sounds similar. Justin says I need a rolodex of all my mens. He is probably right.
However, this is neither here nor there.

What this is, is a quick line biography of people I know and mention often in my chronicles. The reason for this serves several purposes:

  • I know a lot of people with the same name, and it often gets confusing
  •  Helps the reader get a better idea of what/who i’m dealing with on a daily basis.
    If your on this list, and want to get off: tough shit. if you Aren’t on this list and want to be, email me and let me know.

This list is never complete. Will be updating it as the names hit me. it’s all six degrees, baby!

lisa: well, duh.

danny: ex-fiancee.

Jeff Z.: Ex-something or another. IRC lovers for almost a year, and met in Pennsy winter of 97. Jeff is now married and living with his new bride in Pittsburgh.

Cathleen:Twin Gemini (her birth date is 6.12.70). Dingleberry attractor and living the swinging life (with her swinging diseases). old roommate back in Oakland, CA.

Karena: Michael’s lover. Soft spoken, but carries a large whip.

Fran: first woman I kissed. swinging female and currently divorced.

Don: aka “dapper don”. my ex-boss. yuppie personified. all around swell guy.

shirley: hr person @ work.

daniel: man who hired me at Now works at Pixar. is a very cool guy and worked on the film “james and the giant peach”, which he signed my copy of.

darryl: snapping in z formation boyfriend with a twist!

Steve: The coolest guy in all of New Zealand

Christine: Friend of Cathleens. Thanks to her — we had oakland PD shining lights in our faces at 2am.

Killer: possibly the most evilest cat in the world.

Phil: Justin’s older brother. Has many mental and physical ailments, including schizophrenia. Took an ax to a police officer last November, and is currently spending time in the looney bin.

Jessica: Friend from FTE. Jess used to live in San Fran and now lives in Seattle, working at Seattle Times.


Jenni: Another best friend from high school. Currently single and living with her son Dalton in Sparta, Michigan.

Teddy: my teddy bear. I got him when I was 3 years old. Actually, my second teddy bear. The first one I threw up on when I got sick. he is almost 24 years old. older than justin.

Jonathan: i’m not quite sure what to make of him. he can be such an ass! 😉 but he’s a cute ass. with a senthive side to him.

rynsey: imhotep. darth maul. our own private island.

pawly: then: tall+gawth+nrrd+sadistic+bdsm+freak+frappichinodrinking+orareading+mindf00king+selfabsorbed male.
now: tall+goff+sweet+cute+egotistical+pythonhavinginpants+frappichinodrinking+hairwashing+loveable+sexy+perldeity+MINE+myboyfriend.

Justin: My ex-boyfriend. Friends for 2 years, in a realtionship for one year. We shared a house in Oakland, CA for almost 2 years.

Jeff: My brother. He is 20 and going to Bradley U. Often the pain in my ass, but, I love him.

Michael: blood-brother, artiste and publisher extrondinaire. man of many talents and always sniffing the mint leaf.

Traci: worked for the evil empire (ie microsoft), and is part of my horde of lesbians.

Sonya/Sasha: my partner in crime. Red haired and says that when she grows up, wants to be like me.

jo: billing manager @ work.

twinkletoes: ex-owner and ceo of has a real name, but gets referred to many others such as “the man behind the curtain”, “napoleon wannabe”, and my fav “twinkletoes”.

will: seattleite and all around cool guy.

james: irc bud, transpired to real life friend.

Jeff S.: friend of mine from IRC, whom i’ve known for a few years. Met the other white jeff through him. I think he regrets this 🙂

kruton: I never knew what obsession was till i met this boy.

Sebastian: My first kitty. When moving into a new place, I wasn’t allowed to keep him, so my mom took him to the humane society. We received a letter several weeks later stating that he had been adopted.

Christian: hrm. simply put: the man claims to be a hax0r, but can’t tell the difference between dir and ls. ’nuff said.

Josh: One of my best friends from high school. Married now to Heather and has a kid.

Sherry: One of my best friends. Have known her since high school. We are the complete opposite in looks and tastes but have incredibly similar personalities.

Shelly: Another best friend since high school. Since I had put the word “spanking” in her web page, she started getting about 500 hits a day. ugh.

jericho: i have the biggest crush on him. but he doesn’t belive me and he doesn’t do LDR. oh well, i’ll get him ONE day 😉

mike: go now. read his website. learn it. love it. know it.

greg: if he weren’t married, i would have borne his child for sarah tickets.

Jaffo: he is, literally mah god. he is also usenets god too. ph33r the wrath of jaffo!

James: my british luvah.

bean: psycho biznatch who lives in tahoe. my luvah girl.

Chuck: High school sweetheart.

Sillz: Vegemite Vixen from down under.

Thyla: Co-East Coast Alpha Bitch! wooha!

Gruuk: Syrup boi. With the pretty blue eyes.

HomeySan: Jon Katz — the real Jon Katz.