we will all burn in heaven

hold on
don’t let go
keep it flowing
mixing reality with fantasy
lies upon lies

trembling at night
your shaking
holding on
shredding all light
dancing in the moonlight

curled up in a ball on the bed
stomach aching
can’t eat
can’t sleep
sweat poring down your face

the world crashes around the bed
you struggle
you grasp you moan

Fucking why did you do what you did?
Nothing but a cracking mirror of bull shit and lies
and the fucking
bad fucking
limp dick mother fucker
your body always disgusted me
makes me shiver when i think what it was like touching it
and cooing to make it seem like i loved it

fuck fuck fuck
frustration frustration frustration
goddamn motherfucker of all hell
rip tear pound
bloody pieces of flesh
pain immovable
rock in my stomach

wraith, war, hell
no peace no energy no solace
words, potshots, entertainment value

a cracked demi god of idolatry