here is something i wrote to a mailing list that i am on:

“Women -are- much nastier then men. Ever see two women go for the same “man”? You ain’t seen nothing till you’ve seen two simpering bitches tricking out for a cock *snort*. Most women I have met in my lifetime have tended to be catty, back stabbing, conniving, sly, have no integrity (“but i love him!”), weak spined and just stupid drivels of flesh.

“These are just part of some of the reasons why I hate my sex. I can’t stand 90% of the female population because I don’t like playing these little competitive bullshit games for the dumbest crap. Majority of my friends are male and i plan to keep it that way. I’m very selective in my female friends because I’ve been back stabbed so many times over the -dumbest- reasons. I hate feeling that if I’m going out with “the girls” that i have to be in this competitive mode just to go drinking. it’s bullshit i tell you!

“i like having men friends because i know where i stand with them. they are, to me, more honest about their feelings about -everything-. men tend to be more intellectual (admit, it’s true) and more apt to carry decent conversations then two women together. Every single time I’m with a female, it tends to head towards shoes, clothes, or men. I mean, I have such a wide array of varied interests other than those above things. But attempting to explain what i do for work or talking about events that i think shape us as humanity just don’t happen.

“it’s because of this that i have been called a whore or two in my lifetime. all because people, generally, are so narrow sighted to think that two people of the opposite sex can NOT have a platonic relationship.



this is so true. every time i have opened my mouth to speak about this — many women will email me back telling me how right i am. it just doesn’t make sense. if so many women think this way also — then why is there a big backlash of feminism, empowerment and sisterhood?

it doesn’t, in theory, make sense. I’m sick of hearing about that and how we are all equal. Equal Work For Equal Pay! that’s bullshit. we are -not- equal. if some person (whether male or female) can’t compete with me for the job, doesn’t have the training or isn’t qualified, why should I be handicapped because of this? This is why it sickens me about profs who use a curve when grading tests. if the person doesn’t have the foresight to study or want to better themselves, why should suffer?

too many of us -regardless of sex- suffer because one moron can’t do his job. this is why socialism & communism will never work: there is going to be people (like myself) who want _more_ and want to better themself. we shouldn’t be categorized or put into generalizations and expected to make up for those who slack.

but with women, it’s different. I’ve seen many “strong” females who have talked about having a career, doing something with their life and turn it all away for a stupid MAN! ugh! it makes me sick.

i think that _anyone_ regardless of gender should be self-sufficient and should be able to take care of themself without requiring someone else to prod them along. if you can’t do it on your own — then i feel nothing but apathy about you.

i have been called -obviously- a ball breaker because of this. that my cold-bitch routine must get awfully tiring sometimes and that no one would want to date me. hardly. i care very much about those that i let into my life. many of those i have dated have agreed with me on how i feel (the small minority) and have even gone so far as to live that life themselves. it’s not about being a ball breaker, a bitch or even cold-hearted — i just want everyone to do their absolute best and to make something of their selves and be happy at what they are doing. i want people to think before they speak and realize that being in a relationship with someone who hurts you isn’t a good thing. i want people to empower THEMSELVES! and not depend on any one person to do it for them (why is it, when shrinks talk about this, it’s called co-dependency, but when i talk about it, I’m being a cold-hearted bitch?). i want people to just put forth their effort at whatever they want to do — and not bitch/whine/moan because things don’t work out their way.

if someone i know wants to do something with their life, and has the ambition to do it, i congratulate them on their ambition, drive and desire. however if this same person feels that they are _expected_ to receive this position based on other methods, and won’t work for that position, then i feel apathy for them.

i do believe you can have it all.
i think we are only limited by what we THINK we are limited by.
If you are unwilling to make the plunge and find out for yourself — then it’s not my problem if you don’t receive what you want.


Published in 1998-99 on simunye.org