pictures galore

This summer has been pretty busy, with my mom attempting to commit suicide, Paul and I calling off the wedding, and me getting inked/pierced galore. Plus include my obsession with Power Girls, my puppies and getting acrylic on my nails, it has been strange. To keep you interested until I get the website up and moving again, here are pics taken with the new digital camera I got for my birthday, indexed per subject.

power puff girls thong
power puff girls thong

desktop as of 8.24.01

my bathroom

my cube, side a

my cube, side b

my cube, side c

my 25lb cat that currently lives with my mom<

Pugsley, Wednesday and Lily (left to right)

ankle tattoo was done 1/1994

arm tattoo was done 7/14/2001

lower back tattoo was done 7/5/2001

repierced for the 3rd and 4th time on 7/15/2001

left calf tattoo done 8/11/2001
eyebrow pierced 8/11/2001, nose pierced 3/1993
10g barbell put in 7/1999, pierced 1996
mom’s name ‘marietta’, two different variations
picture taken summer of 99
tongue pierced, 7/1997
Paul’s dragon, left upper arm
Paul’s right wrist

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