50 Things

But what I need, what I believe everyone needs, is to plan for things and accomplish in the next year. Some of them can be quite small and others can be amazingly large. Earlier this year, Gala Darling posted an illustrated list of her 50 Things Things To Do in 2016 with encouragement for her readers to use this a jumping off guide for their own list. I’m taking her challenge and decided to do my own 50 list.
List started January 29, 2016


  1. See at least two music show this year
  2. Learn how to read tarot cards
  3. Write a letter everyday for a month
  4. Ware false eyelashes for no reason
  5. Volunteer time at a least one charity
  6. Commit to doing something physically challenging
  7. Read a new fiction book a month
  8. Read a new non-fiction book a month
  9. Buy and use more scented candles
  10. Knit a sweater
  11. Tell the truth — even if it hurts
  12. Get a new tattoo — one of a quote
  13. Get lost in a city
  14. Watch the sunrise
  15. Watch the sun set
  16. Make an awesome new friend
  17. Make a list of things that make you happy 3/1/16 update: I post what makes me happy in addition to gratitudes every Sunday
  18. Do at least one random act of kindness a month (beyond opening doors, saying please & thank you)
  19. Take a dance class
  20. Write in nothing but glitter pens for a week – Completed February 2016
  21. Re-read all of Byron’s works
  22. Talk to the moon
  23. Send random love letters to friends
  24. Go on a hike
  25. Visit a planetarium
  26. Doodle more and send to friends
  27. Wear what ever th hell you feel like
  28. Use glitter in your daily make-up
  29. Wear red lipstick more
  30. Give yourself permission
  31. Take weekly silly selfies for a year 3/1/16 update: Five weeks down
  32. Be a mentor to someone
  33. Write a short story a moth and submit them
  34. Take a month off of my vices (sugar, dairy, caffeine, etc)
  35. Do yoga once a week 3/1/16 update: I’ve been doing yoga 2-3x a week since this posted
  36. Donate items no longer needed or wanted
  37. Go roller skating
  38. Sing in the rain
  39. Get a rainbow mani/pedi
  40. Take the dog on long walks at different places every week
  41. Join a club
  42. Be vulnerable to at least one person
  43. Go on a random long drive once a month
  44. Buy sexy underwear
  45. Take a myself out on a date 1x a month
  46. Show gratitude 3/1/16 update: Just posted my fourth week of gratitudes this past Sunday
  47. Beat Zelda
  48. Buy something completely frivolous
  49. Master one programming language
  50. Don’t be publicly snarky / bitchy / sarcastic for a week
  51. Color more
  52. Create a radical self-love bible
  53. Do DBT 3x a week
  54. Finish all the projects
  55. Dye hair a rad color 3/1/16 update: My hair has streaks of mermaid blue
  56. Pick up a new hobby or improve an old one
  57. Be courageous
  58. Try to clear out my RSS list once a week  3/1/16 update: Keeping on top of my RSS feeds
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