short but sweet

I broke up with Justin.
For good.
I had this long diatribe written in my head about things with him, and about what i wanted to be/go/do/see, but right now it’s currently 1:47am in the morning. Tomorrow I am “supposedly” driving to Clovis to go fix computers (3hr trip one way) and to be honest, I’m too fucking tired. To top it all off, my fucking zip drive is dying and i almost lost /all/ my webpage stuff.
Let’s just say today’s theme song is “I’m Free” by the Soup Dragons.
I’ll get into the gory details tomorrow.
To amuse yourself, check out a few things:
-LisaLandCam. All Lisa All The Time(tm). I got this wild idea up my ass (um, thanks Paul 😉 that having a cam at work was a good thing. So I took mine into work and played around with it and finally got it working. Then I buggered Justin to use his cam at home on my pc, so NOW you can watch me either at home or at work. I still don’t “get” cams. Why anyone would want to watch me sit there with biore on my face is beyond me, however, it’s been pretty neat. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Within it’s birth, I’ve gotten over 2000 unique hits and over 10000 hits. In three days. Cheap lazy buggers, won’t read about me but will sit there and stare at my face. heh.
-Finally uploaded Lisa 2000. heh. Missing some links, but it sure bets that crappy old page I had.
Now, you know and can SEE everything about me.
I have no shame.
exhibitionist extraordinaire

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