spring cleaning

well, hi.
as you have probably figured out, you have been re directed to a new domain. a few days ago, i had sent out a chronicle to the mailing list only that talked about how i was feeling — primarily with having the domain simunye.org. oh sure, there is nothing aesthetically WRONG with the domain, but after having it for nearly two years and being known as this name for longer, there were just too many bad feelings going on with it. this isn’t a new thought (i had mentioned it before for months) but it was time to do something about it.
i was trepidations about getting another domain. i already own 6 previous to this and other than simunye.org, nothing else was actually being used (half-hearted projects i had come up with and stuff i had thought about doing), so those domains were just sitting there. my friend dayan and paul both suggested that i use bitchasshoe.org, but that didn’t seem to jibe either.
i really, really wanted modgirl.net.
why you ask?
because back in my early 20s, i had bitched to my shrinks that i only seemingly had two redeeming qualities: being incredible in bed AND being able to write. while i’m sure paul won’t let me run off to start making pronmovies (and we’ve been seriously talking about making our own to boot), something about the name pronstar just is so *me*. so to commemorate a new year, a new life, it was time for a new domain name.
in the spirit of cleaning, i’ve removed all dead files from the other domains (simunye.com/simunye.org/bitchasshoe.org/trippingonstars. org) and everything points here. Paul and I are going to be working on geek-haus.org sometime this week (to celebrate our community we are seemingly founding) and we have also grabbed novageeks.org (which will be especially for northern Virginian geeks as we are now like the social coordinators of everything going on).
so what does all this change mean for you, the average viewer?
basically, nothing. if you are on the mailing list, nothing will change as the name of the journal is still called “the lisa chronicles”. And if you have come here by the redirect from simunye.org, all you have to do is rebookmark the site. the only thing is that there are going to be broken links here tonight as i’ve been pretty impatient on getting this up — as you will see the design has stayed somewhat the same but the aesthetics have changed. i’m slowly going through broken links and through pictures and finally getting everything straightened out. hopefully during downtime within the following week, there will be very little site maintenance to do other than daily updates.

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