Happy Svein Forkbeard Day!

Wednesday wishes you many happy returns

Dear Internet,
On this day a millennia ago, Svein Forkbeard was declared king of England. Because you have to love a name like Forkbeard, and Vikings, we’ve decided to start celebrating December 25th as Svein Forkbeard Day. Because – why not?
We did things half-assed backwards this year — presents were opened over the course of weeks and the rest of the loot this morning, even though the tree had not even been dragged up and put out. TheHusband was extra good to me this year: I scored a new pair of Tieks, a new winter jacket, new earrings, lipgloss, a bluetooth keyboard that will double with my iPad and MacBook Air, and the new Zelda game for my DS3. The best gift was the milk frother I had added to my list at the last minute, which showed up in time for unwrapping and which I am totally in love with. TheHusband received a new bag from Rickshaw, new Pumas, tshirts, socks, a new Harmony remote, fancy bluetooth mouse, and some kind of special router so he can do some dev work.
After the presents were unwrapped, oohs and ahhs were allotted, I put the tree up while TheHusband started on today’s dinner.
Holiday tree, 2013

A few years ago, I asked the Internet to trim our tree and the Internet did not disappoint! Almost every ornament on the tree came from someone across the globe and I love them for it. What makes this tree even more special is the how many of those who shipped us ornaments knew our personalities (or made very good guesses). Doctor Who, Sherlock, Britishisms, Pugs, Books, Gnomes, Jane Austen, and the list goes on.
Again, thank you. You are now part of our yearly tradition.
May tonight be merry and bright with your loved ones close and have a wonderful new year.

This day in Lisa-Universe: 2011

So I asked the Internet to trim my tree – Day 9 (@darksatinkitten, @srj68, and @canuklibrarian)

Swan from Laura.

Two penguins, also from Laura.

Laura sent me a box full of ornaments, that in addition to the swan and the penguins, I used to decorate the small tree I had in my work office!

Stacey sent us this beautiful, hand blown glass ornament.

This adorable felt guy is from Jen.

So I asked the Internet to trim my tree – Day 8 (@librarianearp, @unrealsnow, and @kindredwolf)

Giant Christmas light bulb from Erika

I can always have chocolate milk, thanks to Lauren.

Yay, Santa! From Alicia + Paxton

Gnome! THIS was the first ornament we bought for our tree.

So I asked the Internet to trim my tree – Day 7 (@wonderfulone, @libscenester, and @mrsfridaynext)

Knitted tree from Nicole

Knitted Santa’s hat from Nicole

Pug/bulldog ornament from Janelle.

Authentic Elvis ornament from Erin’s parent’s barn!

Yes, she is SUPER adorable, Margaret!

So I asked the Internet to trim my tree – Day 6 (MIL, @shinyinfo, and @papersquared)

TheHusband asked his mother to crochet an ornament of Aunt Lupe, who was apparently a witch with skin like a tomato and would eat children.

Kristin hand carved and painted a TARDIS out of clay and encased it in a clear ornament with snow to emulate a snow globe. Awesome? Yes!

It’s pretty clear when my friends know me so well that I get multiples of the same theme – here is another TARDIS given to me by Carolyn.

[Excessively Diverting] Excessively Diverting is open!

[This entry originated from my crafts blog, Excessively Diverting. ]
My store opened this evening, a day earlier than planned, and I’ve been spending the evening uploading stock to the store. No one ever tells you this stuff takes FOREVER, but it does. I don’t think I’ve moved from my chair in hours.1
I will have more writerly-type content in the next day or two on what I’ve been doing. But in the interim: Check the store often as I will be uploading new stock for days to come! Convo me if you’re interested in a different author/book/ quote pin or ornament. To promote my shop, I’m offering FREE SHIPPING until December 16. Also, if you use the promo code JASNA in the “message to seller” area, I’ll take 20% off your entire order.
You can also find Excessively Diverting on Facebook and Twitter.
Now I slumber.
1. Erm, I sat down at 8am and it’s oh, now? Midnight.

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