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Dear Internet,
It has been a long day.
It’s not even 8PM and I’m ready to call it a night.
My day worked out something like this:

  • Up at 7:15A
  • Finish packing, shower
  • Run first batch of errands (four stops including a drive through breakfast)
  • Shrink at 10:30A
  • Run second batch of errands (three stops)
  • Back home around 12:30P, bathroom, load car
  • Run third batch of errands (two stops)
  • Drive ~3 hours to Throbbing Cabin, arrive about 4PM
  • Unpack car, get cabin open, unpack packing
  • Dinner
  • More unpacking
  • Prep breakfast for tomorrow

And now I’ve gotten ready for bed.
Tomorrow is going to be cold, rainy, and a high of 59F, which means my plans for beaching and other outdoor activities has been curtailed. It may mean I lay in bed reading all day and then getting to work on the reason why I’m up here: to write.
Speaking of which, just found out one of the pieces I submitted for publication has been rejected. I’ve got another pitch floating out there that has a definite timeline, ergo if I don’t hear from them within a set time limit, they thank me for their consideration and please try again at another time.

[iframe src=”//giphy.com/embed/sXv0vaA4331Ti” width=”600″ height=”312″ frameBorder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen]

It’s strange.
I was worried once I got my first official rejection, I would say, “Fuck you!” and give up but that didn’t quite happen. Sure, I’m upset but I don’t feel defeated.
I’m still processing how this all works.
P.S. Consolation: Eating a frozen whoopie pie as big as my head.

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