SnowMIGeddon 2011: 14″ and still falling

Drift and fallen snow on our front porch.
The argument about Michiganders and snow can run both ways – “OH MY GOD WE ARE GOING TO DIE!” and “It’s Michigan. In winter. Of COURSE it’s going to snow.” While it has seemingly felt like it has not stopped snowing for the last month, we were caught in the snoMIgeddon of 2011, a storm front that ranged from southwest diagonally across the midwest and heading to the north-east. In Grand Rapids, coupled with the lake effect, we’re at 14″ and counting in the last 12 hours. Last night, when the storm started, TheHusband and I watched enthralled as the winds (clocked between 30-40mph) were bending some of the smaller trees nearly in half. This morning it was eerily quiet and the world was completely blanketed in white.
I have a small set onFlickr of the snow and our extreme shoveling from this morning. We haven’t attacked the driveway as of yet and that may wait until tomorrow.

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