2005: Year in Review

originally published on tenebrism
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I’ve given myself, as a writing exercise, 30 minutes to compose, edit and post this, whatever this ends up being. I have to work today, which is not a big surprise in itself, I’ve had a singular day off in the last few weeks due to schedule-fuckedupness, being called in because someone was sick and other general hilarity.

Today is my 33 1/2 birthday, which isn’t as cool as my 33 1/3rd birthday ó but precious few got the reference and it only reminds me that I am getting older, while my friends seemingly are getting younger and the boils I flirt with were born at a time when I was in middle-school. I remarked to someone the other day that I used my brother as a age-gauge of how young of a guy I would date and my brother turns 27 in April.

But I digress.

2005 was a pretty eventful year. I graduated from college, moved into my cute apartment in Eastown, my mother got a rare type of cancer (which she seems to have beaten), and of course, got my heart broken several times. I made a lot of mistakes this year and made a lot of strides within myself. It’s difficult to encompass what I would change or wouldn’t change because reflecting now on the past 12 calendar months, I probably would have not changed a thing even knowing the outcome of said events. I need to be where I’m at right now, emotionally, spiritually and physically in order to move forward.