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Back in the stone ages of the mid-í90s, when the first incarnation of went up, a request was made of me to start a notification list so that people could get updates via email instead of having to check the web page. This was before RSS and Atom were for shizzle, you understand. I stopped updating via the mailing list sometime in mid-2004 since majority of the people who were reading me were on LJ. I decided to re-instate the mailing list again (since no one has literally unsubscribed in all these years except for dead email accounts), so now you have numerous choices of keeping track of me:

1. Syn feed on LiveJournal. You can opt to add this to your friends list. But because there is no lj-cut and I do get pretty wordy, you’ve been warned.
2. Straight RSS feed or atom feed.. Just plop one of those URLs into your favorite reader and you’re golden.
3. Email notification list. Add yourself to the mailing list and every time I update, you’ll receive the entry via your email program. Make sure to add either Lisa at modgirl dot or list at modgirl dot net into your filters/address book/white list to allow the email to come through.
4. Old fashioned way ó just come visit me manually. Do make you stop in and say hello once in a while.