Checks and Balances

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Best Buy is apparently calling me between the hours of 7am-9am tomorrow (Friday) to schedule to come out that day and fix my TV. Which has totally blown my plans to go drinking at the Black Rose at noon, with AQ Paul.

shit that makes me happy/giggly/etc

  • The band Ocean Blue and the lead singer from the now defunct Catherine Wheel, Rob Dickinson, have approached me on to friend them. I’m not sure WHY I’m thrilled that two of the most influential bands from my 20s found ME but I am.
  • The killer dress I bought for NYE. Now I have to find shoes but the problem is finding shoes not as expensive as the damn dress! Plus I have two dates for NYE ó now only if I were a lesbian, I’d be getting so much damn play! I also have to mention that the dress is a size 14/16. I haven’t been this small since before I dated ex-fiance #2 which was in 1999.
  •  The following books now belong to me! Canterbury Tales IN MIDDLE ENGLISH! HOT I TELL YOU! With four t’s! Doomed Bourgeois in Love: Essays on the Films of Whit Stillman. Because yes, the cha-cha is no more ridiculous than life itself. Glenarvon, which is the fictionalized story of Lord Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb. Can I just say I started doing the lisha-dance at work when these all came in PLUS 40% off publishers price? Awww yea.
  •  Having tomorrow off of work!
  • Smelling like brown sugar, warm vanilla sugar and or sugar wafer at varying times.
  •  Finally procuring a copy of Danger Doom, which I have yet to listen to.
  • My roommate, as despite the grumpy man exterior, he can rock.

shit that I canít control and makes me sad

  •  Cramps that want me to take a rusty spoon and remove my fucking ovaries. The part I donít get is that I just started a new pack of pills and ended my damn period a few days ago.
  • Having to tell someone that I canít date them and that Iím not dating anyone for the next 6-12 months. This ties into some shit I need to write up about my DBT class today but I donít have the time or the energy to do so now. I felt terrible giving trite lines like, ìItís not you, itís meî and ìYou deserve something I canít give you right now.î The irony is that this is all true. Sure Iím lonely, but Iíd rather be in a better place emotionally to deal with emotional consequences than just date someone because Iím lonely. And when I had told him about the hott dress I just bought, he wanted to take me to the opera in Detroit at the old opera house. Frick. I canít even do THAT right now. I canít even see him because I know weíll just fall into a ìrelationshipî of sorts and bleh, canít handle that. They need a cootie shot for girls.
  • Stupid moronic fruitcakes who frequent my work as consumers. I sick of bitching about them, so I wonít.

I also NEED a new bookcase for my bedroom. Iíve decided that my autographed poster of Henry Rollins needs to be moved (because Henry is literally the first thing I see when I wake up every morning) as the best location is where the poster is currently hanging. Working at a bookstore plus my voracious appetite for books is killing me. All my current bookcases are sagging under the weight and Iím rotating over a dozen plus books on my bed stand. Well, at least I wonít be bored.

Must. Go. Remove. Ovaries. With. Rusty. Spoon. ASAP.