worth a 1000 words

my friend will sent me this:

And I retaliate with this:

that’s me hanging out in Bruno’s cube

today will invited me to hang out on a dalnet channel, called #concrete, and this whole business of cams came up.
i was lamenting because i never really saw myself as being photogenic, and i think, overall, the idea that someone can sit there watching me eat my cheerios drives me nuts. it’s like, i have a hard time with justin being in the same room when i take a piss, so why would i want to announce it to the world?
it’s becoming a phenomenon though, due to the popularity of cu-see me sites. i don’t know, I’m still ambivalent about it. the idea seem’s cool, but, knowing how quickly i bore of things, i will probably move on to something else. plus i don’t think i would be all that entertaining.

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