19 Days

It’s official.
I have my ticket for Memphis. I’m leaving in 19 days to go see UofMemphis (Lisa, we KNOW you aren’t going to Memphis just for the school!). Yeah — well — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂
The fucked up part is that I’ve been tracking things via lowestfare.com and found a price of 318.00 bucks round trip for the flight. So I go to website to purchase the tickets today, and the price gets jacked up to 475 bucks! What?!?! So I check and found out that yeah, they get the cheap prices, but then they jack up the price for “airport fees” and such. FUNK THAT! God. The man has been out to get me this past week, lemme tell you. So I call a few airlines, get a special deal and plunk down my Visa. Got the fax confirming flights when I got to work. 🙂
you move me
you do me, like I’ve never been done before
you don’t even know
what you do to me
c’mon and do it to me
dontcha stop!

I just can’t get 66 out of my head. GASH! 🙂 This is sounding too saccharine. I’ve been walking around for the last month with a smile on my face. everyone is noticing it in the office, i can’t stop grinning and i can’t stop laughing. i don’t know what is coming over me, but i hope it never stops.
I’m sitting here giggling like an idiot.
down with the man!
this week has been weird in many ways. i was talking to whatshisname the other day about money. I hate that word. it’s a four letter word to me. anyway, so i checked my checking account and found i was in the hole. What the fuck!! So find out, a credit card I thought I had cancelled still charged me anyway. I call the company and find out that the fee is NON-REFUNDABLE! WHAT THE HELL! That was 89 bucks I didn’t need to spend. To make matters even worse, I checked and found out my car tags for california is a hefty $350 bucks. Um, hello where? Do I look like I’m made of money? Find out that 250 of that is for “vehicle and registration fee”. Goddamn! No one used lube on me this week. So respectively, nearly 400 bucks is already gone to things I didn’t count on. I hate HATE california.
Okay, I give up. I’m in too good of mood to be angry. I’m in a too good of mood to do anything right now. So, seeing as I’m at work, I’m going to go fuck off for awhile. 🙂
cheeks-the wonder girl!

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