2 AM

we were a motley crew.
paul, dayan, moe and i had decided early this morning to make a made run to get donuts. but the run to get donuts required us to drop off video games, go to cvs and buy condoms, hair dye, hair bleach, altoids, and wax.
as we sat in our living room playing psx and eating, i kept thinking: what did those people think seeing three guys, a girl coming into CVS at 2 am and purchasing 3 packs of condoms, altoids, and the other stuff. I mean, doesn’t it look funny?
I used to think about stuff like this when i would go to meijers or any store and look into people’s baskets. I always felt like the perennial female with buying douche, condoms, and lean cuisine. the variations of this themes are endless. i used to peek into other peoples carts and laugh at what they bought knowing that sometimes the implications of what we think is not always what the picture is.
American beauty
we had gone to see high fidelity tonight. which was interesting as one of pauls quirks is that we have to sit upfront in the first aisle to watch the movie.
i’m not kidding.
paul said if i didn’t like it, we could move, but i didn’t really see any difference with the movie anyways — except that my ass hurt but that is not uncommon when sitting down and watching a movie. so i sat there with my neck craned up, with derrick sitting behind us as paul i and fought for space on the arm rest. at one point during the middle of the movie, i had gotten up to get our large coke refilled and found out that they were “closed” and would not be doing refills. the young lithe young lady behind the counter looked at me and said “we are closed. we don’t do refills.” and i replied “but i will pay for it.” i mean, how fucking hard is it to push a button on the pop machine? obviously, it was too hard, to even please a customer. think about it. you are in the middle of the movie. you’ve just slurped down a large bag of popcorn, your boyfriend just ate a big plate of nachos. you are sharing a single coke. you both suck that sucker down within 10 minutes into the movie. you’re thirsty. you want more. you trot out (and miss probably like the most interesting 10 minutes in the whole movie) to find out that they are closed? okay, maybe i was being hormonal and i wanted to rip someone’s throat out BUT! every movie theater i have ever been to (and we are talking about two different countries and three states here), this movie theater was the ONLY one that closed down the concession stand while the movie was still playing.
to get my goat even more so, when we were leaving, i had looked over to the concession stand (sneering, if you must) to see about 10 people getting refills.
someone is gonna die.
and the movie?
it was wonderful of course. john cusack rocks my little world.
now only if i can get this damn crick out of my neck.