50 Things To Do in 2016: 21 – 30

Dear Internet,
But what I need, what I believe everyone needs, is to plan for things and accomplishments in the next year. Some of them can be quite small and others can be amazingly large. One thing I totally want to kick ass at this year? Being silly. I’m goofy as hell but I need to be sillier more and t’ll help with my often crippling social anxiety. A couple of things you may also note in these lists: Nothing having to do with romance and no couple-y things. I’m on dating lockdown for at least a year. It’s all about me, baby! Here is my own 50 things to do in 2016 list,10 of which I’ll reveal over each day over the next 5 days. In case you missed it, here is 1 – 10, 11 – 20
50 Things To Do in 2016: 21 – 30

  1. Re-read all of Byron’s works
    1. He’s always good for a few brooding, simmering, sexy days
  2. Talk to the moon
    1. Always.
  3. Send random love letters to friends
    1. I’ve done this before and I loved doing it, need to do it more often
  4. Go on a hike
  5. Visit a planetarium
    1. I used to want to be an astronomer, but you know, math. This is one way to quench that dream.
  6. Doodle more and send to friends
  7. Wear what ever the hell you feel like
  8. Use glitter in your daily make-up
  9. Wear red lipstick more
  10. Give yourself permission
    1. To do what? To do anything and everything.


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