A gentle reminder: Ho. Ho. Ho. (Holiday Card Exchange, 2010)

Wanted: Your addresses.
Why: To exchange holiday greeting cards.
When: Holiday season, 2010.
A gentle reminder to all my peeps that I’m doing holiday cards this weekend. If you’ve emailed/FB/IM’d me your address, I’ll be sending you an email this weekend with ours. Please get your address to me by end of this weekend, as I will be sending cards out Monday/Tuesday (12/6-12/7). Yes, I do send them internationally.
Please feel free to email, Facebook, tweet, LiveJournal or comment here with your address. Or if you prefer another method, let me know that too.
I got loads of songs from various peeps for the Holiday Mix, 2010, that I’m hoping to do this weekend or next. I’ll post that when I’m done.
Happy Holidays,
The Throbbings
(Lisa, Justin + Wednesday The Pug)

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